June 2023 Lanevinian election

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June 2023 Lanevinian election

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All 5 seats in the National Consultative Council
3 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
  Majority party Minority party Third party
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Leader Hristo Tomov Nicolae Ionescu Mihail Petrescu
Party Republicans for Lanevinia National Liberal Party Party of Lanevinian Nationalists
Alliance Forward Lanevinia Forward Lanevinia PLN - For a Monarchy!
Leader since 23 December 2021 19 May 2022 26 September 2022
Seats before 2 1 new
Seats won 3 Steady 1 1
Seat change +1 - +1
Popular vote 12 4 4

President and Prime Minister before election

Hristo Tomov
Ivan Filipov
Republicans for Lanevinia

Elected President and Prime Minister

Hristo Tomov
Nicolae Ionescu
Forward Lanevinia

The June 2023 Lanevinian election will be held on 13 June 2023. They will elect members of the parliament, new president and new prime minister.

Opinion polls

Polling made by ROSCo Statistics
Shtrile Republikanelor reported that the voting activity is better than in the previous election.
Polling made by TVL reported that the most-popular Lanevinian politician in these elections is Hristo Tomov.