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Languages spoken English, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Petorian
Date founded September 26, 2008
Population 47,000
Demonym Keystoner
Governor Joe Paulin

Keystone Province was started during the third incarnation of the nationhood of the Republic of Petorio. It was the largest administrative division in Petorio until April 2010. It holds a trailer park, Agua Brilliante National Park and some rural land.

Keystone Territory is currently the sixth most populous province behind Nandor Beachfront Acadia Charwood and Cooper.


The creek

Keystone is bordered by Charwood to the north, the United States to the east and south and Cooper to the west.

The geography of Keystone Territory varies. It is hilly in the national park. There is a creek that runs through the provinces, Palmyra Creek, also located in the territory is the Agua Brilliante National Park (meaning "shining water" in Spanish). There many roads that run through the territory. There is also much greenery in the province, Red Maple, Evergreen, Red Oak, Pine and Apple Trees grow in the forest. Red-Headed Woodpeckers and Grey Squirrels live in the territory.