Kieron Schweitzer

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Kieron Schweitzer

Pre-Micronational Life

Kieron Schweitzer was homeschooled until 5th Grade, whereupon he attended BSE. He is currently in the 8th Grade. Schweitzer was not very politically active until he met his close friend Jacob Lewis in September 2013.


Lewis introduced him to Micronationalism in late April of 2014. Upon expressing interest in the subject, Lewis allowed him to join Frieden, of which he was Governor at the time. Due to his connections with Lewis, he acquired a position as Provisional Prime Minister, until elections could take place. In a recent interview, Schweitzer stated that he "Wish[es] to run for Prime Minister in the elections.

Personal Life

When not acting as Prime Minister, Schweitzer enjoys reading books, listening to music, playing video games, talking with his friends, and spending time with his step-brothers. In school, Schweitzer has quite a few friends, the closest being Lewis. He enjoys watching classic movies, as well as horror/suspense films, his favorites being The Breakfast Club, Bridge Over the River Kwai, and Nosferatu.


Kieron is a citizen of Frieden.