Kingdom of Bir Tawil

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Kingdom of Bir Tawil
مملكة بئر الطويل (Arabic)
Flag of Kingdom of Bir Tawil
Motto: Advancing Humanity
Location of Kingdom of Bir Tawil
Official languages
Ethnic groups
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
LegislatureKing Anthony Marshall I
• Independence Declared
• Total
2,060 km2 (800 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($)
Time zoneEET
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Kingdom of Bir Tawil claims sovereignty over the Bir Tawil region that boarders Egypt and Sudan. Treaty disputes created this region, and was one of the last remaining pieces of unclaimed land in the world. Emperor Anthony Marshall is the current throne overseer For the Newly claimed Kingdom of Bir Tawil.

AGE: 13

DOB: March 17, 2008

Height: 5’7

Weight: 168 pds

RELATIVES: The Grand Empress Great Grandmother Evala Dianne Lowe (died April 9, 2022 at 6:28 pm)

Her Reign Lasted, 63 years, 216 days

The Empress Sister Kadence Haddad

The Empress Grandmother Dianna Marshall

The Emperor Grandfather Ricky Marshall

The Empress mother Nicole Marshall

The Emperor Father Douglas Haddad

The Formation of the Kingdom

Specific guidelines for the formation of a country do not exist but certain aspects that make a country certainly play a role. Some websites that know about Bir Tawil claim sovereignty over the land without going through what is actually needed. People, money, economic creation etc. are just some aspects of what will be needed for recognition.

Taking the first steps

First step is contacting representatives through the embassy of each country (Egypt and Sudan). Both countries do not want to claim sovereignty because of 2 different hundred-year-old treaties that state in one they get better land, and in the other, the other country gets the better land. The acknowledgment that Bir Tawil was part of their country, in theory, would mean that the country would lose sovereignty over the argued, more profitable area. This step has been taken in an attempt to have both governments acknowledge that they do not have sovereignty over the area. Finding investors, and population. The Kingdom's vision for Bir Tawil is to establish a small population, near one of the said water wells that are known in that area, and to start construction of some basic structures. Over a 10 year period a population of 5,000 would be established with a strong educational system that emphasizes on science, technology, real-world skills and successful business practices. Creating a small, sustainable colony of educated peoples, with a tax haven approach of other small nations like Lichtenstein, could create a country that would be a model for other small nation-states. Outside of this main town area, tourism promotion and a regional style airport would be created. Desert tours, town exploration and hopes of archaeological being found could also boost possible industry. Also encourage 100% solar efficiency while searching for oil and natural gas for exportation would also be key for economic creation. With such high hopes will come big attention from neighboring countries which brings us to security. Protection of a nation As many small countries are vulnerable to take overs, creation of a small, up-to-date border patrol with a core military of volunteer, part time soldiers will be key. As Bir Tawil will be a small nation, numbers will depend on the success of the nation.