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Irises kingdom is a micronation located in the Kra Buri River on the Kra Buri Islands. Thai-Myanmar border

Irises Kingdom
ราชอาณาจักรไอริส (Thai language)
Flag of Irises
Coat of arms of Irises
Coat of arms
Motto: ยอมสละชีพดีกว่ายอมสละชาติ
"It's better to sacrifice your life than lose your country."
Anthem: For the irises For the iron iris
CapitalIrises town , Irises province
LargestPeaceful city , Peaceful province
Official languagesThai
Recognised national languagesThai
Demonym(s)Iris 77% Thai 22%
GovernmentParliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King
Jane I
• Prime Minister
Inthanin Phakdee
Royal Parliament
• Established
11 October 2022
• Declaration of independence
12 October 2022
• Census
CurrencyIrisdollar (IRD)
Time zoneCentral Standard Time (UTC +7)

Irises kingdom was established by King Janes I of Iris, claiming the right in the area of ​​the Kra Buri Islands Thai-Myanmar border Currently, there are 31 Irish people in total. By performing duties within the Discord, including having a meeting, talking, simulating duty within the Roblox game as well The first Prime Minister who held the position was Inthanin Phakdee, currently Vik Suphamit.


Government Gazette No. 1
Royal Irises Navy Seal
Royal Irises Army Seal

The founding of the country was because King Jane 1 was dissatisfied with the government, so the Irises Kingdom was established. He appointed himself as the monarch. His country spanned from his home borders to his land. Declaration of independence after King Jane 1 established the country for 1 day. also declared independence for the Irish Kingdom on October 12, 2022, with clearly defined territories. and also established himself as the ruling monarch of the Irises Kingdom

Development of the country

development of the country After the independence was declared King jane I established the Royal Irises Navy on October 17, 2022. And two days later, the Royal Irises army was established. to protect the borders of the Kingdom to have peace and order and proclaimed the 1st Government Gazette with the content about the arrangement of various ministries to control and supervise various areas in the Kingdom as well.

Government house

The Prime Minister has 4 terms, 2 years each, with a total of 3 people holding the position.

1. Inthanin Phakdee 29/11/2022-5/2/2023 (1st term)

2. Sam Rattanawong 5/2/2023-28/3/2023

3. Whick Suphamit 3/4/2023-5/4/2023 (1st term)

4. Inthanin Phakdee 17/4/2023-19/4/2023 (2nd term)

5. Whick Suphamit 19/4/2023-3/6/2023 (2nd term)

6.Wister Bacon 6/6/2023-10/6/2023

7.Pleum Udornkarnsakul 10/6/2023-7/7/2023

8.Inthanin Phakdee 7/7/2023-Present (3nd tern)

List of Acting Prime Ministers

1. Sam Rattanawong 15/1/2023-5/2/2023 (Due to theonvenient to perform tasks)

2. Anurak Raksawong 28/3/2023-3/4/2023 (Due to unrest, Vick must Supamit stepped down and waited for the election to finish).