Kingdom of Mivland

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Mivland, officially the Kingdom of Mivland, is a micronation enclosed inside the United States founded by HRM King Jesse I on August 29, 2018 and based in the state of Missouri. The kingdom has its roots in the former Republic of Mivland which due to political instability, the former president proclaimed himself king in order to reform the national government. Mivland his known for their duel executive position in which the Monarch and the Prime Minister share the same amount out legislative power in a "bi-executive constitutional monarchy", a termed coined by King Jesse. Mivland is made up of the four federal provinces of Foxewood-Millbrook, Hawkland, Gillington, and Outli. Mivland also has two other territories in the form of the Mivland Antarctic Territory and the Thomas Colony. They also are responsible for the signing of the Saint Jessesburg Accords, named for Mivlands capital.

Kingdom of Mivland (Rikonlana div Mivlana)
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "Forto en Kompato"
Anthem: "Long Live Our Land"
CapitalSaint Jessesburg, Mivlandian Capital District
Official languagesEnglish, Esperanto, Mivlano
Demonym(s)Mivlandian, Mivlandish
GovernmentBi-Executive Constitutional Monarchy
• King
Jesse I
• Prime Minister
Christopher Ramos
LegislatureMivlandian National Parliament
EstablishmentAugust 29, 2018
• Census
6 (34 citizens)



In July 2018, Jesse Moore established the Republic of Mivland. A country that encompassed all of the territory now under control of the Kingdom. By late August the nation had fallen into electoral disrepair so Moore, as president, he declared himself king and himself HRM Jesse I with support of the former vice president and declared the kingdom on August 29, 2018, a day that is now celebrated yearly in Mivland as Establishment Day. After the collapse of the national government Jesse I ruled in absolution with a member of the new royal family acting as a ceremonial "Prime Minister". Eventually a parliament was formed but it was small and exclusively contained members of the royal family. This government was in place until a constitution could be written and signed. The Mivlandian Constitution was finished on April 21, 2020, but due to the inability to gather parliament due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the lack of governmental diversity (The Reform Party held governmental totality at this point), the king opted not to present the constitution to parliament until elections could be held in December.

Burning December

During the first election in Mivlandian history several events went wrong constitutionally during election season in December 2020. First there were problems with the votes as several people only voted for one candidate and this lead to electoral counting confusion as the first and second counts show that Traditionalist party candidate Christopher Ramos and Naturalist party candidate G Clark had tied in the vote. this led to a final count vote with Ramos beating Clark by only 1 vote. Next, Ramos, who had been elected to the parliament as a candidate for Hawkland had now left the seat open for his running mate and VMP, the former commander-of-the-army James Dean. Problems arose when Dean however refused to take the seat stating that he had ran with the assumption that Ramos would lose the Prime Ministerial race and he had no interest in serving in the legislature. This lead to the votes in Hawland being reexamine and led to the Naturalists gaining a seat and the Traditionalists losing a seat. This was strange as this was the only seat that the Traditionalists had and now that they had lost it that meant that Ramos, a Traditionalist, controlled a parliament with no Traditionalist members.

New Constitution

After the end of Burning December, on January 1, 2021, the first nationally elected parliament was swore into office. 3 days later on January 4, 2021 the constution was signed into law by 5 of the 8 members of parliament and finally legitimized the government under a solid framework.

Provinces, Territories, and Districts

Provinces, Territories, and Districts
Name Admittance Date Size Flag
Foxewood-Millbrook August 30, 2018 197,109 m² Foxewood-Millbrook Flag.png
Gillington August 30, 2018 285,751.8 m² GillingtonFlag.png
Hawkland August 30, 2018 232,737.3 m² Hawkland Flag.png
Mivlandian Capital District August 30, 2018 7,367.7 m² MCDFlag.png
Outli August 30, 2018 269,506.6 m² (disputed) OutliFlag.png
Mivlandian Antarctic Territory October 12, 2019 379,248 km² (unconfirmed) MivlandianAnarticaFlag.jpg
Thomas Colony April 12, 2020 2,312.1 m² ThomasColonyFlag.png