Kingdom of Williamsia

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The Isle of New Wales

Williamsian Flag


Williamsia yn ffyd

Foundered: 20 September 2011

Anthem: Forever New Canada

Wales, United Kingdom
Capital Aderyn (Bird)
Largest city Aderyn (Bird)
Official language(s)


Official religion(s) Freedom of Religon
Demonym Williamsian
Government Abdicated

King Jasper (2011–12)

Queen Lola (2011–12)


Prince Jordan

Princess Katie

Princess Lauren

Re-Established 20 September 2011
Area Claimed Wales


Currency Williamsian Pound
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time
National animal Dragon

Williamsia, commonly known as New Wales) is a former constituent country of States of New Canada located in the South part of Wales. It contains four enclaves in Wales. Williamsia was originally formed in early 2004 and was re foundered in September 2011, It was annexed with Wisteria and formed Wisteria-Williamsia.


Williamsia was founded on the 20th September 2011 as a micronation but was first known in 2004 when Prince Jordan and a group of his friends decided to create their own country. Several years went by and the Prince and the other 'Royal Family' members forgot about the micronation. In 2011 Jordan decided that he wanted to re-create the micronation under a new name and without his Friends as most of them had move away and no longer contacted each other. Shortly after Williamsia was foundered, Prince Jordan made his Parents King and Queen, His sister Princess, himself Prince and so on with his cousins, Uncles, Aunts and other family Members.

Williamsia was forced into a fight (Armored Federation-Cyber War ). This was against Williamsia's wishes as the country had no need to fight believing that they had not done anything wrong. On the 13rd of January 2012 Jordan announced that the small Micronation of had resigned from the war after someone changed his letter announcing that he did not want to enter war. The war finished shortly after the truth was found out eventually by Jordan and the World Armoured Federation.

Area Clamed

Williamsia is located in Wales and claimes that South Wales is owned by Prince Jordan and the other Royal Family members. The Darker Gold coloured area's on the map below show the parts of Wales that is Owned by Prince Jordan. Williamsia hopes to one day have Wales and Williamsia come together again and become independent from the United Kingdom and be ruled by itself, separate from England.

Royal Family

There has been three Kings and Queen's of Williamsia since it establisment in 2004. The first King and Queen rained from 20 September 2004 - 20 September 2011. On the 27th Decemeber 2011, The King Consort and Queen abdicated their throne and all there involvement in Williamsia. The title of King was then passed down to Prince Jordan, However he declined the tittle due to School and other comitments. The second in Line to the throne Princess Lauren declined the tittle as did the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th in line. This means that there is no Ruler of The Williamsia. Until a new King or/Queen is found, Prince Jordan and Princess Lauren are the acting rulers with support and extra help from the Princess Katie.

It was thought that the title of King or Queen will be given to the Prince Jordan's extended family, but if they had declined then the title would have be scrapped and Prince Jordan would become Prince Jordan King of Williamsia. On the 3rd of January it was announced that Jasper the Royal Pet had become King along with his wife Lola. King Japser and Queen Lola are the new King and Queen of New Wales.

For a list of the current and previous ruling Kings and Queens, visit Royal Family of New Wales.


New Wales has been involved in two major wars, The first one was the Armored Federation-Williamsian Cyber War lasting from 11th-13 January 2012. The second War begain on the 4th of Febuary, The Royal Williams Family, fought with each other. All though the fight was first begain with the Williams family, it then ended up between Princess Katie's friends.