Confederate States of Klausburg

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Confederate States of Klausburg (ENG)
Confjederi Klawdaburg(KLA)


Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Awazada Klawdaburg
Anthem: Volkslied Der Parzans

Map of Klausburg
Official languagesEnglish, Dutch, ,Klausburgian ,German
GovernmentImperial Republic
• Emperor
Johannes Mulder
CurrencyKlausburgian Rifar
Time zoneUTC

Klausburg is a micronation in Europe and Antarctica, it's made up of 1 exclaves in Holland and another. It was revived in early 2013 after years of civil war with the Empire of Klausburg . On the 22th January, the Empire of Klausburg was disposed of and a republican government instated. Multiple political parties are allowed, but currently only one exists.

The capital of Klausburg is Freiburg, the residence of the old Emperor. It also has and a distinct constructed language known as Klausburgian, and a national culture has slowly flourished over the years of its existence. It's based on Germanic and Slavic culture.

The nation was named after the founder of Klausburg "Richard Klaus", a civil in Holland which the nation is based in, and claims as its central, traditional territory.


Richardist Klausburg

The nation of Klausburg was founded by Richard Klaus in 2009 as an attempt to break away from the Dutch government and create a new sovereign state. Klausburg showed very little activity and was unserious.

Fascist Klausburg

After Richard left.Dave Visser become in power and started a fascist regime, It attacked Viadalvia various times claiming Viadalvia was part of Klausburg this leads to the Klausburger Wars After the failed invasions Klausburg was couped and become the Fascist Empire of Klausburg With the capital Hitlergrad its a single party fascist tolitarian state the leader was Dave Visser and Romanus II (Emperor) then a civil war starts between Loyalists and Rebels on 2014 the fascist empire surrender

New Republic

after the fall of the Empire the Democratic Republic of Klausburg then ther joined Dalton as Daltonese Netherlands then when Dalton fels in inactivity Klausburg declared inderpendence

Imperial Republic

The Imperial Republic declared inderpendence on 13 October after merging the various states of Klausburg


Klausburg is located in Holland and Antarctica, is divided into the mainland (Freiburg) and Antarticistan. The mainland consists of slightly sloped grass and a playground

Rule and Government

Klausburg is an Imperial Republic. It has a President as Head of State, and the emperor, as well as several Ministers. There are three main Political Parties in Klausburg, the State Party, a state party, The single party system in Klausburg has been described as "practical" due to the fact Klausburg is a small community.

War and Conflicts

The Klausburgian Military is the National military of Klausburg. It consists of only one branch, the Klausburgian Army, however plans to make a Navy and Air Force are underway. Zjomodc Bragowietch is the Minister of Defence of Klausburg.

Military bases

The main Klausburg military base is located on the Mainland. The main feature of the base is a 10 long wooden wall complex made of two outer walls and an inner wall. A smaller military base in Oleśnica consists of an artillery piece and a small shooting hide which has fallen into disrepair.


Klausburgian culture is the unique cultural identity of Klausburg which slowly developed amongst Klausbugrian citizens. Klausburgian culture is essentially an isolate culture though has been influenced by Slavic, Latin and Turkic cultures. A major part of Daltonese culture is Klausburgian cuisine which developed from Polish and Dutch which became popular in Klausburg as a community. One third of Klausburgians citizens identify themselves as "Klausburgian".