Lodomerian Democratic Republic

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Lodomerian Democratic Republic
Lodomerska Republika Demokratyczna (Polish)

National Emblem
Coat of arms
"Workers of the world, unite!"
Anthem: Lodomerian Is Not Forgotten
Location of LDR territory
StatusSelf-proclaimed state
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesPolish
Secular state
GovernmentUnitary Marxist-Leninist people's democratic republic
• First Secretary of the LUWP
Ronnie Miller
• President of the Council of State
Ronnie Miller
• Chairman of the Seym
LegislatureSeym of the LDR
• Constitution adopted
5 August 2021
0.13 km2 (0.050 sq mi)
• 2021 census
HDI 0.948
very high · 6th
CurrencyLodomerian złoty
Time zoneUTC−4 (EST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Lodomeria, officially the Lodomerian Democratic Republic (LDR), is a micronation located in Central New Jersey, USA which was founded on 5 August 2021. The democratic republic has six official citizens residing on the lands claimed by the nation.

The claims of the LDR are comprised of member regions called Voivodeships. New land claims are usually decided with the acceptance of new citizens.

The government structure of the LDR is described as a unitary Marxist-Leninist people's democratic republic. The LDR is governed by the Seym, the highest organ of state power. The head of state and head of government reside in the collective Council of State of the LDR, chaired by a President. The First Secretary of the Lodomerian United Workers' Party represents the party as the ideological leader of society through the National Front.


Main article: Lodomeria

The name Lodomeria is derived from the historic lands of Galicia-Lodomeria during the imperial rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The majority of the LDR's citizens are descended from the population of Galicia-Lodomeria during its existence before 1918.

Claim to sovereignty

The LDR cites the Declarative Theory of Statehood as legal justification to be recognized as a legitimate sovereign nation. The declarative theory states that a nation's statehood does not require recognition from other states as long as its sovereignty was not acquired by means of military force, and also if it meets the following criteria: 1) a defined territory; 2) a permanent population; 3) a government and 4) a capacity to enter into relations with other states. This theory regarding sovereignty was most famously described during the 1933 Montevideo Convention, and the LDR asserts that it meets all necessary requirements to exist as an independent nation as should be treated as such.



The coat of arms of old Lodomeria inspired the national symbols of the LDR

The nation of Lodomeria was conceptualized by the descendants of the original inhabitants of Galicia-Lodomeria of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as a method of expressing self-determination. The cause of self-determination and independence was tied together with the overwhelmingly left-wing views of the current LDR citizens.

2021 establishment

The communist party, known as the Workers' Party of Lodomeria, spawned the initiative of the Lodomerian People's Congress to discuss the foundations of establishing a Lodomerian socialist state in early August, 2021. The first and only session of the Lodomerian People's Congress appointed the Lodomerian People's Council to draft and promulgate the Constitution of the Lodomerian Democratic Republic.

On 5 August 2021, the Constitution of the Lodomerian Democratic Republic was adopted, officially declaring the Lodomerian Democratic Republic to be a sovereign and independent state.

Permanent Constitution

On 17 August 2021, a permanent constitution was put into force by the newly established Seym. This constitution outlines the LDR's commitment to a people's democratic system on the path to socialism. The Presidency of the LDR was abolished and replaced by a collective head of state and government called the Council of State.


LUWP logotype: the acronym of the party in a stylized shape of the old Lodomeria

The Lodomerian Democratic Republic is defined by its pursuit of socialism through a system of people's democracy.


The ruling political party in the Lodomerian Democratic Republic is the Lodomerian United Workers' Party (LUWP). The LUWP holds a constitutional position as the ideological leader of society, united in a coalition with other democratic forces called the National Front. It was formally established shortly after the LDR's founding on 7 August 2021.

Every political party is required to join the National Front of the Lodomerian Democratic Republic and agree with the LUWP's leading role in society. Democratic parties and organizations differ from liberal democratic parties in that they purely represent a specific section of Lodomerian society, rather than adherents of a competing ideology. Each party is assigned seats in the Seym which are subject to a general election. Seats are not lost or gained through a general election, but are dependent on the size of their representation of one section of society.

Mass organizations also participate in the National Front and are guaranteed seats in the Seym, such as youth and women organization, and trade unions. Important non-parliamentary organizations which are also included in the National Front include sport unions and elderly social-welfare volunteer associations.

National Front

The National Front of the Lodomerian Democratic Republic is an alliance of political parties (Bloc parties) and mass organizations in the LDR, led by the Lodomerian United Workers' Party, which stands in elections to the Seym.

Constituent parties

Party Logo Flag Party Leader Membership Ideology Foundation Seats in the Seym
Lodomerian United Workers' Party LUWP
Ronnie Miller 4 Communism
Socialism in the Colors of the LDR
5 August 2021
10 / 10

Constituent mass organizations represented in the Seym

Organization Emblem Flag Foundation Seats in the Seym
Lodomerian Women's League
9 August 2021 N/A

Other organizations associated with the National Front

The following organizations, which are part of the NF, do not send representatives to the Seym but are active in the performance of its activites.

Organization Emblem Foundation
Lodomerian Young Pioneer Organization
9 August 2021

Foreign relations

The logo of the Community for Socialism and Mutual Assistance (CSMA)

The Lodomerian Democratic Republic has an open policy to diplomatic relations. It has official relations with 3 micronations as of 3 September 2021. On 22 August 2021, the LDR along with the Socialist Republic of Platovia and the Republic of Norestria established the Community for Socialism and Mutual Assistance.

Bilateral Recognition

Unilateral recognition

The Lodomerian Democratic Republic unilaterally recognizes the following nations:

Recognition refused

Administrative divisions

The Lodomerian Democratic Republic is divided into Voivodeships.

Voivodeships of the Lodomerian Democratic Republic
Flag Name Pop. Area (km²) Establishment Head
Lenártagród 6 0.13 5 August 2021 Ronnie Miller


The progressive ideals of the Polish-Lithuanian insurgents in the Kraków uprising were praised, among others, by Karl Marx, who called it a "deeply democratic movement that aimed at land reform and other pressing social questions".

The Lodomerian Democratic Republic's culture is strongly influenced by socialist thought and attempts to define itself in opposition to Western Europe and the United States, particularly the spread of Western liberal ideals into old Lodomeria. The government of the LDR is deeply committed to the advance of scientific knowledge, economic development, and social progress.

LDR identity

Since the beginning, the newly formed LDR strives to create its own separate identity. Because of the imperial legacy and imposed-underdevelopment by Austria onto old Lodomeria, the LUWP repudiated continuity between the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria and the LDR. Instead, the LUWP focuses on the progressive heritage of Lodomerian history, including the Peasant Uprising of 1846, the Kraków Uprising and the role played by the heroes of class struggle during the Galician Soviet Socialist Republic and the Second Polish Republic.

Role models upheld in the LDR include Jan Tyssowski (1811-1857), Edward Dembowski (1822-1846) and Jakub Szela (1787-1860).

Official and public holidays

Date English Name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day
20 February National Peasant Uprising Remembrance Day Commemorating the 1846 Peasant Uprising and Kraków Uprising
8 March International Women's Day
1 May International Workers' Day/May Day The official name is the 'International Day of the Struggle and Celebration of the Workers'
9 May Victory Day
22 July National Liberation Day Celebrated as the 'National Day of the Rebirth of Poland' in old Lodomeria
5 August Republic Day National holiday
7 November Great October Socialist Revolution Day
24 December Christmas Eve
25 December Christmas Day