Mátyás I of Matyár

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Mátyás III
Emperor of Matyár
Reign1 March 2019–present
CoronationNot crowned
Predecessorno one
Successorno one yet
Born4 August 2001 (2001-08-04) (age 22)
Palace of Matyár, Matyár
J. Mátyás
HousePalace of Matyár
SignatureMátyás III's signature

Mátyás III (born 4 August 2001) is the emperor of the Empire of Matyár. He is the founder and current absolute emperor of Matyár. He lives in Hedel in the Palace of Matyár.

Currently he is the head of government, head of state, emperor, minister of finance and minister of foreign affairs. The functions will most likely be executed soon by others. He will decide that with his Governor-General. On 7 June he passed on the Governor General to Bastian Jürgens.

Pre-Emperorship (2016-2019)

Before Mátyás was the emperor of the micronation of Matyár he was student on the pre-university education in a town near his home in Hedel. He always had the interest of doing something with politics. Between 2017-2018 he was head of innovation in his municipality. Begin 2019 he left his function in the municipality behind and came up with the idea to do the impossible. He started his own micronation.

Emperor of Matyár (2019-present)

Since 1 March he has been privately appointed emperor of Matyár. In the months after his crowning he has ensured that different countries recognize the Empire of Matyár and are open to economic and political cooperation. on 7 June he passed the position as Governor General to the German Bastian Jürgens (56 years old). In private, he was appointed by Matyár III and other ministers for the coming year.

Coat of arms