Maldernian Army

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Royal Army of Maldernia
Regius exercitus Malderniae (Latin)
CountryKingdom of Maldernia
AllegianceGenesius I of Maldernia
Size3 (Active)
PatronSt. Michael
Motto(s)Quoniam Deus, patria o rex et gloria (English: "For God, country, and the glory, O king,")
ColorsRed, Gold, and Black
Royal and Supreme Commander of the ArmyKing Genesius I
Field MarshalDuke Marcos II

The Royal Army of Maldernia was established July 2, 2021 at the behest of the king after the incident, which he never wished to allow again

The Army is ceremonial in nature, mostly doing guard functions, but does train its soldiers in sharpshooting.


The Army has not fought in any wars. Being established long after the Maldernian civil wars, which were fought with peasant conscripts on the monarchist side led by the king, and a organized but inefficient army led by the republicans.


The Army has one commander, the King, but the General of the Army acts in his name, the current General of the Army is Duke Marcos II

Enlisted Ranks

Recruit Private Trooper Sergeant Senior Sergeant
E-1 E-2 E-3 NCO-1 NCO-2
A basic army enlistee. An enlistee who has passed basic training. A veteran enlistee who has proven himself on the field An enlistee who has been promoted and leads a squad in battle, Sergeant who has proven to lead well in battle, commands two squads

Officer Ranks

Lieutenant Colonel General Field Marshal Royal and Supreme Commander of the Army
O-1 O-2 O-3 O-4 REX
NCO who has been selected to lead a platoon. Officer who has shown they could effectively lead a Brigade commanding three platoons Commands a Division, consisting of two Brigades The Representative of the King who commands the whole army, can be appointed or removed at any time by the King Reserved for the King, commands the entire army.]