Mars Conventions

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The Mars Conventions is a agreement between micronational leaders to restrict warfare between them to non-lethal or simulated combat.


The Mars Conventions were proposed by Michael Flaherty, Ambassador of the Solvo Federation, to the Solvoian National Assembly on September 27, 2009. The Assembly Voted to support the project and participate in the Conventions.

On September 30, the Slinky Empyre joined the conventions.


The Mars Conventions aims to turn micronational war into non-lethal or simulated combat through treaty. If the opposing side of the war is willing to use lethal violence, then the Mars Convention side is able to use lethal violence if it has not first requested that the opposing party refrain from lethal violence. The purpose of this is to allow nations to continue their military without endangering life and limb of others. For simulated war, the losing side must declare conditional surrender, nonconditional surrender or peace/ceasefire negotiations. If a nation of the Mars Conventions fails to start negotiations within 48 hours the party is kicked out of the conventions and denied reentry.