Mean Streets of Pirnmill

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Mean Streets of Pirnmill
Studio Album by Scott Harwood
ReleasedOctober 2010
Recorded13th October 2010, Shedpop Studios
GenreElectronica, Minimalism
ProducerScott Harwood

Mean Streets of Pirnmill was the second studio album by Scott Harwood. The album is distributed on the Shedpop label, and was released during October 2010.


Like the album before it, Kaoss Masterpiece, Mean Streets of Pirnmill was produced in Shedpop Studios.


Like the last album, Mean Streets of Pirnmill develops on the Kraftwerk/Tangerine Dream/Steve Reich fusion. The track 'An Indian in Berlin' also makes prominant use of the sitar noises on the Kaossilator. 'The Return of Experiment No. 1' is basically a 10:22 remake of 'Experiment No. 1' with a few major differences, being that it is more uptempo and it has an 'old school' style sequence.

Track listing

  1. Experiment No. 2 (03:59)
  2. Mean Streets of Pirnmill (06:21)
  3. An Indian in Berlin (05:32)
  4. A Concert Invasion (07:32)
  5. The Return of Experiment No. 1 (10:22)


  • Korg Kaossilator