Mercian Archive Act (Mercia)

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Mercian Archive Act
This Bill: will establish the Mercian Archive as a national archive under the management of the State Culture Gorsedh.
Territorial extentMercia at large
Date commenced1st January 2016
1st August Archival Gorsedh Act
Status: Repealed

The 1 January Mercian Archive Act was a piece of legislation passed by the Parliament of Mercia that gave the previously created State Culture Gorsedh the responsibility for serving as a "national repository" for documentation pertinent to Mercian culture and heritage.

Legislation as enacted

The bill provided for:

  • A national repository, administrated to by the State Culture Gorsedh, for "documents... concerning Mercia's culture and heritage";
  • The capacity for any Mercian citizen to view the documents held by the State Culture Gorsedh in this respect;
  • The responsibility and right of the Gorsedh in question to record all decrees and laws passed by the Lords and the government at large.


The Act was subsequently repealed on the 15th of August by Chapter 1(1) of the Archival Gorsedh Act, a bill which created a Gorsedh solely for the task of cultural and legislative archival.