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A person who wrote badly did better than a person who does not write at all. A bad writing can be corrected. An empty page remains an empty page.

— Israelmore Ayivor, How You Can Write Your Dream Book

A blank page is a page (template, user, talk, etc.) which is intentionally left completely blank, or without any substantial content. There is no reason to create a blank page ever.

Under normal circumstances, MicroWiki articles should not be blanked. If you think an article has no useful content, then either fix it, or else leave it in its present state and propose it for deletion. However, it is acceptable to blank an article for libel or privacy reasons as an emergency measure, or to blank an offensive image. It is also sometimes necessary to blank an article which is a copyright violation in its entirety.

Page blanking is acceptable in one's own userspace (but ask an admin or mark it for deletion if you want to have such a page permanently deleted). Under no circumstances should a talk page (talk, template talk, user talk, etc.) be completely blanked. As an exception, it may be blanked if an archive is created, or for the reasons listed above.

Repeated, unnecessary page blanking may get a user blocked indefinitely. In order to stop users from blanking a page, MicroWiki automatically disallows any edits made to blank pages.

tl;dr: Don't create or blank pages for no reason. Period.