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The Micronational Popularity Index (MPI) also known as the Micronation Popularity Index was a survey taken by Statistic-Fire between 22 January 2019, and ended on 12 March 2019. The survey was to find out what the most popular micronations are. In total, 44 people answered the survey.


The participants are asked to name five micronations which why think are the most popular; all of the micronations people have named will then be added up to see which one is the most popular.


Rank Micronation Score
1 Flag of Molossia.svg Republic of Molossia 31
2 Flag of Austenasia.svg Empire of Austenasia 28
3 Flag of Sealand.svg Principality of Sealand 27
4 Flag of Liberland.svg Free Republic of Liberland 15
5 Official Flag Westarctica.jpg Grand Duchy of Westarctica 11
6 Flag of Adammia.svg Empire of Adammia 9
7 Hutt River Flag.svg Principality of Hutt River Province 8
8 Flag of Atlantium.svg Empire of Atlantium 6
9 Flag of Lovely.png Kingdom of Lovely 5
=10 Flag of New Eiffel.svg Principality of New Eiffel 4
=10 125px-Flag of Akhzivland.png Akhzivland 4
=10 Flag of Asgardia.jpg Space Kingdom of Asgardia 4
=10 Flag of the Principality of Seborga.svg Principality of Seborga 4
=10 Flag of Ikonia (Pantone).svg Kingdom of Ikonia 4
=10  Grand Duchy of Flandrensis 4
=10 Flag ladonia.png Royal Republic of Ladonia 4
=17 Talossan Flag.gif Kingdom of Talossa 3
=17 Flag of Iustus.svg Empire of Iustus 3
=17  Grand Republic of Delvera 3
=17 Aericaflag.jpg Aerican Empire 3
=17 Flag of West Who.svg Republic of West Who 3
=22 Freedonian Flag (2012).png Principality of Freedonia 2
=22 Pflag4.png Tsardom of Phokland 2
=22 Flag of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire.svg Karno-Ruthenian Empire 2
=22 Flag of the Conch Republic.svg Conch Republic 2
=22 Flag of Atovia.svg Kingdom of Atovia 2
=22 Abeldane flag.jpg Abeldane Empire 2
=22 Flag of the NAC.svg North American Confederation 2
=22 Flag of Posaf.svg Principality of Posaf 2
=22  New Florence 2