Mike Cleveland

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Name Mike Cleveland
Nationality Durkadurkagradstanian, Canadian
Order 1st
Office Vice Presenkragen
Monarch Presenkragen Matthew Smith-Neuert
Term Start 01/26/2006
Date of Birth 5 October 1990 (1990-10-05) (age 33)
Birthplace Melfort, SK, Canada
Spouse or Partner N/A
Party Party of the Right
Residence Saskatchewan, Canada
Alma mater St. Peter's College, University of SK
Occupation Produce Clerk, student
Religion Christian

Michael Earl Cleveland (born October 5, 1990) is the first and current Vice Presenkragen of Durkadurkagradstania. Cleveland became the Vice Presenkragen upon creation of the micronation, and appointment by the Presenkragen Matthew Smith-Neuert. He has held this position since January 26, 2006, and also heads the Durkadurkagradstanian Armfaust.

Early life

Cleveland was born in Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada, the last of four children of Sharon (nee Hills), a pharmacist, and Randall Cleveland, a farmer. He attended Lake Lenore High School, and graduated in 2008 with a 90% average. Cleveland is currently enrolled in St. Peter's College (Muenster, SK), the rural campus of the University of Saskatchewan. He is currently taking Geography, Psychology, English, Sociology, and Religious Studies; he plans on majoring in Sociology and possibly minoring in Religious Studies.

Creation of Durkadurkagradstania

On January 26, 2006, Cleveland and his three friends formed the micronation of Durkadurkagradstania. It was then that he was officially appointed the Vice Presenkragen ("Vice Present Leader", or Prime Minister) of the country by the Presenkragen ("Present Leader", or monarch) Matthew Smith-Neuert.

Political Beginnings

Growing up, Cleveland was brought up within a strong Conservative household. Eventually he would join the Young Communist's League of Canada, and be a strong supporter of the Communist Party. After witnessing the New Democrat's Party lack of leadership in Saskatchewan for 17 years, Cleveland soon became anti-socialist, and became a strong follower of the Sask. Party (Progressive Conservative). Once again, he noticed that the government failed to solve his province's problems he stopped supporting any party and became what some might consider an Anarchist. Eventually again, his political beliefs changed and he began supporting the Green Party of Canada, but this was shortlived. He has stopped supporting any form of Canadian government whatsoever, and is now solely supporting the Durkadurkagradstanian Constitutional Monarchy, or the Party of the Right. To sum it up, Cleveland's political belief's have been many.

Vice Presenkragen of Durkadurkagradstania


After being appointed the Vice Presenkragen, Cleveland has made Durkadurkagradstania's presence in the micronational world known by participating in micronational forums, and developing information pages for the micronation. He has established a Youtube account for his Minister of Media, Media Development, and Propaganda to work through. He has also cultivated relationships with the nations of Molossia, Bobbolania, and the former nation of Ptyxur.

Conflict with the UM

Cleveland was a constant participant within Prince Prisco III's United Micronations, until one day his MSN account was hacked. The hacker posted a discussion on the UM forum titled "Anti-Scientologist spiel", and his membership to the UM was permanently banned by Prisco without any questions asked. Cleveland came back under a new user name, and then continued to call Prisco on his poor show of leadership. As of October 20, 2008 Durkadurkagradstania withdrew its name from his UM's Charter (a whole year and a half after the post was made). The former nation of Ptyxur established another United Micronations, and Cleveland volunteered Durkadurkagradstania to head it with the promise he wouldn't let it decline to the point that Prisco's UM had.

Personal life

In his free time away from micronationalism, Cleveland has other hobbies to keep him busy. He enjoys reading, watching horror movies, playing videogames, World War II history, collecting Soviet memorabilia, cooking, fishing, and also enjoys brewing his own mead. He is a big fan of playing paintball, and dreams of owning his own playing field some day; he would like to pursue a University education in Airsmithing and Field Management. Currently he is pursuing an Arts and Science degree, with the hopes of majoring in Sociology and minoring in Religious Studies.During his school years, he created a Tobacco-awareness group which helped raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada; this venture was awarded with a National PAC award. Cleveland also took saxophone, piano, and guitar lessons.He currently works for Extra Foods as a Produce Clerk.