Miku Church

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Miku Church
HeadquartersHoly Province
Tauranga Boys' College
Number of followers100 million
Church buildingsMiku Church

The Miku Church was founded in 2018 by the Ward Empire's Patriarch Trixtan. It first started out as a group chat on Instagram but quickly became a religion. It is the only religion in the Ward Empire and must be followed by everyone part of it.


The Miku Church was founded in the spring of 2018 by the Patrich Trixtan. It was founded for the peace and tranquility of a friend group that Trixtan was part of. There were 5 founding members of the Miku Church, them being Trixtan, Zion, Paton, Jayden and Jahra. After a year of peace and expansion the Miku Church entered the down bad time. Multiple civil wars occurred during this time, testing the strength of the Miku Church.

Down Bad Time

The down bad time happened during 2019 - 2020 and was caused by one dreadful event, who was the best girl. This one competition caused many civil wars as the members of the Miku Church would fight each day over who was better than the other. After a year of the civil wars a decision was made which was Miku.

The Aftermath

After a year of civil wars, the Miku Church was in a bad place. Multiple people started to call it a cult and tensions were still high from the wars. To gain the people's loyalty back the head of the Church Trixtan made Miku the Goddess of the Church as she won the best girl. The Miku Church moved its focus from expanding into rebuilding and maintaining the members. This was known as the rebuilding times.

The Dark Ages

Near the end of 2020 the Miku Churched faced a new enemy, an unknown person with the power of Hentai and who disrespected the Goddess Miku. Hentai was spammed in the Church, temporarily blinding those who saw it. This happened for weeks on end until Trixtan proposed Operation Thick Thighs. Operation Thick Thighs commenced in March 2021 where the Miku Church killed the unknown person with the power of Hentai. This ended the Dark Ages bringing a new age to The Miku Church.

The Golden Age

Trixtan decided that the power of Hentai was too much for a person to wield and so sealed it away in a body pillow. This body pillow was sealed away in his house, never to be used again. After the many wars and disasters, the Miku Church was in need of help and aid. The Ward Empire seeing this decided to adopt the Miku Church into its religion in July 2022. This helped the Church expand greater than it's ever done before. In return the Miku Church would aid the Ward Empire in any upcoming events.

Micronational Reactions

TCM Member States

  • People's Banner of the Arstotzkan Union.png Arstotzkan Union - Originally labelled the church as a cult until in 2021 when it became a recognized religion.