Monarchy of Oblea

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Tsar of Oblea
Stefan I
StyleHis Royal Majesty
First monarchStefan I
Formation31 August 2019

The Monarchy of Oblea is the reigning institution of the Tsardom of Oblea, in personal union with the Great Lawl Reich. The Tsardom of Oblea is currently an Absolute Monarchy.


Oblea was under other Monarchies prior to its incorporation to the Great Lawl Reich, but not one held the title Monarch of Oblea. After Oblea was incorporated into the Great Lawl Reich, Tsar Stefan I proclaimed himself Tsar of the Obleans and established the Tsardom of Oblea. The title was changed to Tsar of Oblea on 2 September 2020.

List of monarchs

Portrait Name Born Became Monarch Ceased to be Monarch Reign Relation to the previous Monarch House
Stefan I 25 September 2000 31 August 2019 Incumbent 4 years, 93 days Throne established Not stated


The style of the Oblean Monarch is as follows:

His Royal Majesty The Tsar of Oblea.