Most Noble Federation of Razerkaikstania

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Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Motto: Etenim potestatis (in truth, power)
Anthem The NAAFP Song
Official language English
Denonym Razerkaikstanian
Capital Nylbjorn
National Animal/s Double Headed Eagle, Alpaca
Government Marxist-Leninist Communist State, Federation, Parliamentary Democracy
Legislature Parliamentary System
Founded 25 December 2018
Area This Wiki Page
Location Victoria, Australia
Population 1
National Sport/s Dig Dug, Lawn Bowls
Currency Razerkaikstanian Wencel ‡
Measurement System Monkhousian System
Head of State Executive Governor Declan Coleman
Federal Minister Position Available

Razerkaikstania, officially the Most Noble Federation of Razerkaikstania, is a landless micronation based in Victoria Australia. It currently has a population of 1, that being the founder, and current Duke, Declan Coleman. It is currently known for currently being the only Communist micronation in Australia. It was founded in the early hours of Christmas Day, 2018.

Razerkaikstania is currently considered as one of the last remaining beacons of Marxist-Leninist Communist values and views, though there is a party dedicated to Maoist views. The Marxist-Leninist Communist (a mix of Marxism and Leninism) views, is the view of total equality in the payment of workers, and the complete dismantlement of the imperialist/capitalist societal values.


Razerkaikstania, being on the continent of Australia, was previously inhabited by the indigenous population up until the late 1800s.

The Most Noble Federation of Razerkaikstania was founded on 25 December 2018. Razerkaikstania started off originally as a Duchy with Communist ideals, ruled solely by Duke Declan Coleman, thus giving it the name of "The Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania". This name and title for the head of the state lasted for 6 months until it was later changed to become an officially declared federation, with the head of the state being called the Executive Governor. Declan Coleman, while still being the head of state, started to open up new positions of power in the government. A position of head of government was later opened up, titled as First Minister, and later Federal Minister. The nation continued to expand in size since then and has adopted things such as a new coat of arms, anthem, and government structure. In 2019, official documents were drafted by the Executive Governor, Declan Coleman, stating a need for federation was more "imminent than ever needed at the present time".

The main turning point for the nation was what was known as the "Grand Federal Rebirth". This event occurred on 7 July when the Grand Duchy idea was scrapped from the nation, and it was replaced with a federacy. This consisted of the 2 federal provinces at the time being made, and a new anthem being instated.

The Executive Governor, and founder of Razerkaikstania, Declan Coleman in uniform.

A few days after the federacy, Razerkaikstania incorporated 2 more Federal Provinces into itself, this created the province of Thelod and the province of Yarvnor, who of which split of from Elatrandorma. This action then made

Pre-Federation History

Implication of State Atheism

On 20 February 2019, the Duke, Declan Coleman, implicated the idea of State Atheism. That being that Religion was deemed unnecessary, violent and discriminatory. As testified before the Duchy Assembly, "it is not scary within Razerkaikstania, as no one believes in it anyway". So it was deemed by the Duke (as he was the only citizen at the time) that State Atheism would be implied.

Federal Provinces

The Federal Provinces are the term used for the collection of areas within Razerkaikstania. Currently, in the Flag of Razerkaikstania, 4 of the 8 stripes are representative of the 4 original proposed provinces. When Razerkaikstania is able to claim land, the 4 provinces are planned to be the first 4 things created.

List of proposed federal provinces

State   Provincial Seal   Capital   Motto   Plant/Floral   Animal   Colours  
Province of Nylbjorn Nylbjorn "Et superbia Iustitiae" Olive Tree Double Headed Eagle Black and Red
Province of Elatrandorma Ronthamer "Surge iacentum" Rose Rooster Red, Yellow and Green
Province of Thelod Paganini "Pacem circa Jordanem, et prospera" Bluebell Sheep and Raven Red, White and Blue
Province of Yarvnor Walterville "Totam Gentem" Barley Oxen Red, Gold and Navy Blue

Actions taken on Provinces

  • 7 July 2019: Province of Thelod and Province of Yarvnor created.
  • 23 July 2019: The capital of Thelod changed from Newcastle to Paganini, named after famous Italian violinist Niccolò Paganini.
  • 22 August 2019: Tarantalar renamed to Yarvnor.

Military History

Federal Worker's Forces

The official flags fo the 5 different corps of the armed forces. Top Left: Federal Army. Top Centre: Federal Navy. Top Right: Federal Airforce. Bottom Left: Federal Cavalry. Bottom Right: Federal Guard.

The Razerkaikstanian Armed Forces (otherwise known as the "Federal Worker's Forces") is the army of the Most Noble Federation of Razerkaikstania. It consists of 5 different divisions of forces named the Federal Army, Federal Navy, Federal Airforce, Federal Cavalry and the National Federal Guard. While currently none of the corps has anyone within them, it is planned by the house of parliament to start enlisting as soon as citizenship opens.

While none of the federal corps have any leader, it is stated in federal law that the house of parliament and the executive governor is to be put in charge of the corps. Ever since its the creation, the executive governor has been made in charge of all the corps, even though they consist of no active nor training soldiers.

Area 51 Raid

On 23 July 2019, the house of parliament alongside the federal ministry for armed forces cooperated and came to a conclusion of what to do about the famous Area 51 raid of 2019. The raid was scheduled for 20 September 2019, and after long and heated discussions both within and between the Parliament and the Ministry for Armed Forces, it was then unanimously decided, that war on Area 51 would be the best choice for the people, and for the future.

In the official parliament document, certain beliefs that the Most Noble Federation agreed with were listed, including "certain inalienable rights of the proletariat, such as knowledge, discovery, and revolution." While it was not officially listed in the document, military service by requirement was then enforced.

From 23 July 2019 until what was stated as "further notice", a travel restriction from people from Nevada was enforced. Martial Law was declared for the first time in its history in preperation for the upcoming raid.


The Most Noble Federation of Razerkaikstania is a communist parliamentary federal state, based majorly on marxist principles. To elect leaders it uses a proportional representation system of democracy.

Declan C. Coleman is the current Executive Governor and holds multiple powers that other members of the government doesn't have. While the Executive Governor is a figurehead that is unable to be removed from power, the federal minister is re-elected every 3 years. The federal minister's role is to rule alongside the executive governor in conversing with the people as well as the parliament. While the federal minister is the head of the government, the executive minister is able to overrule the actions taken by the government in order to do the following.

  • Preserve peace among the nation.
  • Uphold Marxist-Leninist Communist values.
  • Ensure no discrimination is brought among any citizens.
  • Make sure the law is upheld.
  • Have whatever the outcome be as the best for the nation financially.

To pass a law or bill in parliament, it requires an extensive procedure that can take up to 10 business days. If a law or bill is to be put in action it is to first be

How to pass a law in Razerkaikstania.

As the nation of Razerkaikstania is a federation, it does comprise of 4 smaller parliaments that are in charge of each of the federal provinces. These comprise of 8 seats, and may only take action that concerns their certain province. They may not in any way make actions that concern other provinces. Even though the provincial parliaments are able to act on their own accord, if the federal parliament does take action on the provinces, its say does act first beforehand.

Councils and Ministries

  • House of Parliament - led by the Federal Minister, responsible for maintaining, regulating, redistributing, protecting and enforcing the laws passed by the 3 chambers and advisory cabinet. It is in charge of keeping a census of all citizens of Razerkaikstania, supervising and ensuring that members are chosen for sortition duty, and keeping stability among the nation.
  • Ministry of Justice - led by the supreme judge of the high court of Nylbjorn, responsible for providing legal advice and services to the Government and supervising the running of the police force

Political Parties

Razerkaikstania is what is known as a Leftno-State, meaning that the ruling powers, these being the political parties, all support some variation left-wing politics. While the parliament currently is non-existent, it is seen as a more embodiment of the Exeutive Governor. Though construction plans for parliament house have been drafted.

Party Name Abbreviation Ideology Colours Founded Leader Current Seats in House of Representatives Current seats in the Senate Current members in the advisory cabinet Federal Minister
Razerkaikstanian Workers Party RWP Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Pro-5 year plan development Red, Maroon, Gold 2019 Position Available
13 / 24
6 / 11
8 / 14
1 / 1
United Socialist Party USO Socialism, Liberalism, Whig Philosophy Cyan, Light Grey, Rose 2019 Position Available
5 / 24
2 / 11
2 / 14
0 / 1
Razerkaikstanian Animalist Party RAP Animalism, Green Politics, Environmentalism, Wildlife Conservationism Green and White 2019 Position Available
3 / 24
1 / 11
1 / 14
0 / 1
Razerkaikstanian Second Choice Party RSC Maoism, Juchism, Stalinism, Pro-great leap forwared devolpment Maroon, Yellow, White, Orange (Unnoficially) 2019 Position Available
2 / 24
1 / 11
1 / 14
0 / 1
Technological Advancement Party TAD Progressivism, Technocracy Purple 2019 Position Available
1 / 24
1 / 11
1 / 14
0 / 1