Leppan People's Party

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Leppan People's Party
LeaderShady Morsi
Founded5 May 2022
HeadquartersKennedy City
Membership (2022)23
IdeologySocial conservatism
Big Tent
National conservatism
Economic liberalism
National conservatism
Political positionCentre to Centre-right
Chamber of Deputies
12 / 21
1 / 6
District Assemblies
5 / 40

The Leppan People's Party, officially the Leppan People's Party and Independents, known until 15 August 2021 as the Declaration of Independents,or simply the Independents is a political party in Leppa. Ideologically, the LPP sit on the right-wing of the political spectrum. The LPP have been in government, the LPP is the major party of the centre-right in Leppa, and the largest party in the country.


Positioned on right wing of the Leppan political spectrum, the Leppan People's Party is ideologically conservative. Various factions have dominated the party at different times, including one nation conservatives, Pro-interventionists, liberal conservatives and conservative liberals. The party's support base has historically consisted primarily residents of Leppaluto Leppan People's Party has been described as ideologically national conservative, right-wing populist. On its official platform, the Leppan People's Party declared its focus on protecting Leppan independence, tradition, and cultural and intellectual property. The party also wants stricter immigration policies and some factions are opposed to the GUM and CA However the Leppan People's Party under Shady Morsi moderated on foreign and removed populist influences from the party platform Economically, the party is more left-oriented. The party thus has strong similarities with the British Blue Labor movement.