National Party of Frieden

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National Party of Frieden
LeaderJacob Lewis
PresidentJacob Lewis
FoundedJanuary 10th 2014
HeadquartersNew Tripoli
NewspaperFriedenish National Press
Youth wingFriedenish National Youth
Ideology • Friedenish Nationalism
 • Centrism  • Ba'athism • Arabic Nationalism
National affiliation State of Frieden
ColoursRed,Black, White, Green

The Ba'athist Socialist National Party of Frieden (Also known as Nationalist Party of Frieden) was a Centrist Party in the Republic of Frieden. It was the leading and only party in Frieden.


The National Party of Frieden was formed on January 10 when Jacob Lewis left the Theodorist Party of Frieden. It was formed by Jacob Lewis, and then President Kittles Lewis. In late may, the National Party adapted Ba'athist and Arabic Nationalist ideals to its ideology. Once Frieden became an Islamic Republic, the Ba'ath Party took power as the only Party in the nation.