National symbols of Slavtria

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Republic of Slavtria

NameThe Orange, Blue, and Black Banner
UseNational flag and ensign
Adopted27 February 2021 (original)
1 March 2021 (current); 2 years, 9 months ago
DesignA horizontal tricolor of orange, blue, and black

NameThe Sealed Banner
UseVariant flag
Adopted10 October 2022 (as alternate state flag)
12 October 2022 (as co-official national flag); 1 year, 1 month ago
DesignThe Slavtrian flag with a cross of swords in the middle

The national symbols of the Republic of Slavtria consist of several flags, which vary between civil and military use, as well the national coat of arms, great seal, and the national anthem.


The national flag is a horizontal tricolor of orange, blue, and black, hinting at its nickname, "The Orange, Blue, and Black Banner". The co-official flag is the same tricolor, with the coat of arms of Slavtria plastered on the middle and slightly lighter colors.

The war flag is the tricolor with a cross of swords in the middle.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms is a purple shield with the symbolic national bird, the Frigatebird, in the middle and the Slavtrian translation for "Republic of Slavtria" at the top.

Great seal

The great seal is the official insignia of Slavtria. Many government institutions use the seal, although they are not required to by the constitution.


National symbols of Slavtria

Flag: War Flag: Coat of Arms: Great Seal:

Co-official flags
of Slavtria
War flag
of Slavtria
Coat of Arms
of Slavtria
Great Seal
of Slavtria