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The Symbols of the Republic of Ultamiya were the national icons that represented the Republic of Ultamiya. Generally regarded as a stable government, most of Ultamiya's symbols were in continuous use for its entire existence. Many held deep meaning to the country in both its ideals and its culture, and their existence was a defining point in what the Ultamian Republic was.

The National Emblem

The national emblem as it appeared on the series 2010 Ultamian Katane coin obverse. These coins were never considered in use.

The National Emblem was the base Ultamian symbol. It is a blue-handled sword sitting under a red shield with a cross in the middle, and appeared on the Flag, the Coat of Arms, the Presidential Seal, and the Katane. The sword is called the Ultima Sword, a toy sword owned by the President of Ultamiya.

The Flag

Ultamiya's flag.

The sword represents the country's divine protection, and the fact that any one of the citizens of The Republic of Ultamiya will fight to the end to defend the great nation. The red circle and cross blocking out the sword represents that we will always attempt to settle matters peacefully before fighting. Despite this, the color of the circle, red, represents that if attacked, there will be bloodshed. To the right of the original flag, there is a blue rectangle. This is the same blue on the Pennsylvania flag and the USA flag. On the right of the flag, yellow represents the sun and the treasure of heaven. To sum up the flag, it symbolizes The Republic of Ultamiya’s strength, peaceful intentions, the close ties they have to their mother land of Pennsylvania, and the treasures that await them in heaven.

The above quote was made on March 28, 2010 by a former ambassador to the United States and remains the primary interpretation of the Ultamian Flag. The flag was first produced on paper on March 26, 2010, before Ultamiya became independent and has not changed since Ultamian independence. The current flag design was made on March 28, 2010 by a user on the Arcade Trainer Forum named "router".

The original crayon flag was destroyed on March 28, 2010 by rain. Following this, another paper flag was made and was later retired in mid-April. The First Fabric Flag was hung on May 16, 2010 and flew until March 10th, when it ripped, and was subsequently repaired before it ripped again on April 5 and was finally retired from service.

Between April 2011 and March 2012, sporadic paper flags were hung until, on March 26, 2012, the Second Fabric Flag was hung at John's Square. This flag flew unhindered until July 3, when its flagpole broke. Though it was replaced by a longer, metal pole in late-July, the flag's sewing along the left began to tear and was taken off sometime in mid-August.

At the beginning of September, the second part of the Closer Together project announced flags to be produced for both Shimate and Michrenia. For the first time, fabric flags would be available outside the Capital District. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, the project had to be delayed a week from its first deadline of September 30. The two fabric flags and the flagpoles needed were finally procured on October 6 and hung the next day in their respective places. Another, true cloth flag was presented as a gift to the President on December 25, but because the flag's binding was too large it was never used.

Ultamiya's Coat of Arms.

The Coat of Arms

The Ultamian Coat of Arms was a yellow shield. Among its many decorations were a blue banner across the top that displays the motto, Shigodo Wimiate, four spikes on its corners, the national emblem in the middle, and Ultamiya's year of founding, in Roman Numerals, across the bottom. The Coat was originally produced in the summer of 2010 and was converted to PNG format the following year, but otherwise remained unchanged.

The Presidential Seal

The Presidential Seal was the official emblem of the President of the Republic. The last seal design was first produced on June 14, 2010. The words "Republic of Ultamiya" and "President of the Republic" were arced along the top and bottom, respectively, and on either side of the middle national emblem is a yellow and blue star. To further decorate the seal, a green band ran just below the national emblem. When the President of the Republic would be in official uniform, a banner would be worn that carried this seal on the chest.

The Presidential Seal as it appeared on the President's banner.

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