National symbols of the Royal reformed States of America

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The Royal reformed States of America attempts to make every symbol of the nation have as much meaning as possible. Symbols, especialy flags, are usualy not overly fancy or very complex.

Basic RrSA Symbols

These are all the symbols that make up larger complex symbols. Most of these can be found on all larger symbols of the RrSA.


Common colors on RrSA symbols are blue, red, black, white and purple. Red, white and blue were carried over from the colors of the United States. Each color has a different meaning:

  • Black: symbolizes resilience and strength.
  • Red: symolizes power and fight
  • White: stands for peace and prosperity
  • Blue: is for justice and order
  • Purple: symbolizes the monarchy, the king, and the government of the RrSA


There are also smaller symbols used on larger and more complex symbols. These usually represent an item, people or places. Some of these symbols were also types used by the USA. Each has a purpose:

  • The thirteen stars: represent the origional thirteen colonies of the United States and their fight to become free and independent, it also represents strength while united
  • The crown: is the crown of the king, represents the king and the RrSA monarchy

Description of RrSA Symbols

These are the complex symbols of the RrSA. Each has a description of its symbolism and its meaning.

RrSA Royal reformed National Flag

RrSA National Flag

The national flag for the RrSA has much symbolism in the simplicity of its design.


All colors in the flag are explained above. The purple was made to be the background that the ret of the flag goes on top of as to symbolize the ruling of the monarchy over the RrSA.


The meaning of the stars is the same as above. The main idea is strength in unity.


The stripes have mutiple meaning.

  1. The symbolism in the colors are no diffrent from the descriptions.
  2. The direction of the stripes, they are all pointing upwards. Considering that things are seen left to right, they show the goal of improved progress of the RrSA over time.
  1. The connection of the stripes. All of the stripes are connected, or touching. This symbolizes the need for all of the items that the colors represent to be united and together if progress is to happen
Royal reformed States of America