Naturel Organic Organization

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Naturel Organic Organization
Intermicronational food certification organization

Headquarters Fort Fuca, Novapara

Official language English

Ratifying Nations 2 full; 3 pending

Chairmen Xavier H.
– Foundation May 20, 2016

The Naturel Organic Organization (NOO, formally the Novaparan Organic Organization) was founded to promote organic agricultural development within the micronation community. The organization produces open documents offering simple but thorough guidelines on the labeling and certification of organic foods, agriculture and products. NOO is not affiliated with any government and documents are readily available for any micronation to ratify.

Currently the Naturel Organic Labeling Guidelines (NOLG, formally the Fort Fuca Organic Act) is the official NOO organic food certification program. It sets basic standards for the labeling of organic foods, allowing micronations and consumers to know the true quality of advertised organic food products & produce in their nation. It has been ratified in Novapara and Hodiny and is pending in various other micronations.



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