New Venetian Monarchy

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King of New Venice
Albius Tiberius.jpg
Albius I
since 22 June 2021
StyleHis Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty
First monarchAlbius I
Formation22 June 2021
  • 22 June 2021 (Kingdom of Ruthenia)
ResidenceHochberg Palace

The King of New Venice is the hereditary imperial and royal title and position proclaimed in 2021 by Albius I, a member of the House of Tiberius..


The history of the New Venice Monarchy, is recent. On 22 June 2021, Albius I re-formed the nation of Venice as New Venice and ascended to the throne.

Constitutional powers

The Imperial Constitution states that the monarch holds all ultimate power in the end whilst delegating some power to parliament for democratic processes that will in the end be either passed vetoed or changed by the King.

List of monarchs

No. Name Portrait Arms Reign Era
Reign duration
House Title
I Albius I
Albius Tiberius.jpg
22 June
present New Venetian era
1 year, 11 months, 19 days
House of Tiberius King of New Venice
First King of New Venice. Called "the Apostolic", he was the writer of the Christian defense and spreadment laws.

Arms and standards

The New Venetian Monarch is represented by their coat of arms and standards. Members of the Imperial and Royal Family have their own crests, monograms and standards to represent them or their presence somewhere over the Kingdom and foreign micronations.

Titles of the Emperor

The King has an extensive list of titles and claims that reflected the expanse and diversity of the lands ruled by him as well the importance of His Majesty in foreign micronations.

His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty, by the grace of God, King of New Venice, the great, conqueror of lands. etc., etc. etc.