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Organización de Micro Estados de Naciones Unidas
Coat of arms
Motto: To serve the micronational community

Earth, World
Official languagesSpanish, English and Portuguese
• Members
• Secretary-General
• Headquarters
Porcellas - Southern Confederation of Angosvria
Establishment28 December 2018
Time zone(UTC)

The OMENU is a intermicronational organisations to take the name Organización de Micro Estados de Naciones Unidas (English: United Nations Organization of Micro States), often abbreviated to OMENU, was founded on 28 December 2018. It has two official languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish, the latter being more used by the quorum of delegates.

The headquarters are located on the Porcellas, Angosvria.




The Secretary-General is the most high position in the OMENU.

Security Council

General Assembly

Internal Committees


The headquarters of OMENU is in the city of Porcellas, headquarters of Southern Confederation of Angosvria.

Member states

Flag Name Member since Claimed area GDP per capita $ Currency(ies) Capital(s) Language(s) Head(s) of State
Southern Confederation of Angosvria 5 October 2020 1.000 km² XX,XXX Estelares angosvrianas,VMI Autonomus City of Pulcragro Spanish, Yugotanés, Monaqués, German Prime minister: Gustavo Essedin Gamee
Republic Federal of Franda July 2019 ? XX,XXX Fragacha, VMI Monte Agrada Spanish, Frandés, English President: Giuliana Francesca Dovando
Principality of Prinsay July 2019 ? XX,XXX Garbel, VMI Masdulcedia Spanish, English President. Emiliano Gonzalves
Republic of Josenmbal July 2019 ? XX,XXX Pesos josenmbalés, VMI Jack Spanish President: Sebastián Aguilar
Free State ofGuanabara 4 July 2019 43 780,172 km² XX,XXX Contos Rio de Janeiro Portuguese President: Adilson Requião
Federation of Ilairán and Polarianda 19 July 2019 890 m² XX,XXX Palores, VMI Soledad, Valdivia, Oporto Spanish, Portuguese President: Úrzula Valeria Puga
State of Vishwamitra XX,XXX Rajagriha English Rashtradhyaksh: Dhrubajyoti Roy
Republic of Sauquinia XX,XXX Florín sauquiní Spanish President: Andres Camilo Rubio
Kingdom of Dragonia Spanish
Republic of the Gran Océano Spanish

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