Order of the Merit Star of Egemonica

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The Order of the Merit Star of Egemonica is a order of chivalry created by Edoardo Vittorio I of Egemonica, King of Egemonica.

Collar of the Order

Grades of the order

  • Knight
  • Officer
  • Commendator
  • Great Officer


Heads of state

  • Edoardo Vittorio I ~ Great Officer, Commendator and decorated with the Order Fidelity Badge (also Grand Master of the Order)

Other awarded

  • Stefano I Podestà ~ Commendator
  • w:Italy Adolfo Podestà †, then Lieutenant Colonel, for war merits in the Great War (posthumously) ~ Great Officer
  • Francesco Giovanni Repetto, already Zar (nobility title) ~ Officer
  • w:Italy Mario Ciarimboli, now Marquis ~ Officer « Artistic and cultural merits, that gave the Kingdom Poetry and Arcaism»- Royal decree of the 8th of May
  • Andrea Podestà, already Minister of Cultural Education ~ Knight