Paloman West Indies

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Paloman West Indies
Indias Occidentales Paloman (Spanish)
Flag of Paloman West Indies
Official seal of Paloman West Indies
Coat of arms
"Siguiendo la luz del sol, salimos del viejo mundo" (Latin)
(English: "Following the light of the sun, we left the old world.")
Location of the Paloman West Indies in the Caribbean
Location of the Paloman West Indies in the Caribbean
Sovereign state Free Socialist State of Paloma
Territory formed8 April 2023
and largest city
Common languagesSpanish
Roman Catholicism
Demonym(s)West Indians
GovernmentDevolved presidential Socialist dependency
• Governor
• Census
CurrencyPaloman dinero
Time zoneUTC−04:00 (Altantic Time Zone)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

Paloman West Indies (Indias Occidentales Paloman, IOP) is a Paloman territory consisting of multiple counties across multiple islands in the Caribbean. It was formed and annexed from former Ikonian possessions and the unincorporated territory of Yauco. The territory shares a border with multiple Caribbean nations and territories, these include: Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Paloman West Indians have been Paloman citizens since 2023, and are permitted to move between mainland Paloma and the territory. However, as residents of the unincorporated territory, Paloman citizens of the Paloman West Indies are disenfranchised at the national level, do not vote for in elections and do not pay federal taxes. The Paloman West Indies capital is Yauco.


The name "Paloman West Indies" or "Indias Occidentales Paloman" in Spanish, was adopted due to the territory being on the land of parts of the former Spanish West Indies. It is called the "West Indies" because upon the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America he had first thought he had reached the subcontinent of India, hence the name West Indies


Pre-Paloman history

Evidence of modern human habitation in Paloman Malaya dates back 40,000 years in the area. Traders and explorers from China and India and Middle East were also present very early in recorded history on the Malay Peninsula, however the Middle Eastern explorers and settlers had one of the biggest impacts on the regions culture and religion with the spreading of Islam

Formation of the Paloman West Indies


Paloman West Indies as a territory that operates as a devolved presidential socialist dependency. It is led by a Governor which is chosen by the President of Paloma with help of the Supreme Paloman with recommendations. The Paloman West Indies does not have a legislature however it does have a cabinet which handles the majority of political issues relating to the Paloman West Indies. Although lacking a legislature, the Paloman West Indies does have Court that handles law.