Parliament of Wohlstand

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Parliament of Wohlstand
Term limits
6 months, no term limits
Founded29 October 2020
Disbanded28 November 2020
Prime Minister
To be decided
Majority Leader
Minority Leader
Political groups
  Wohlstander Republican Party
  Wohlstander National Party
  Eastern Unity Front
Political groups
  Independent candidates
  Vacant seats
Last election
Meeting place

The Parliament of Wohlstand was established on 29 October 2020, and it served as the legislative body of Wohlstand Vereinigung. Elections were held every 6 months, with seat elections in November and elections for prime minister in December.

Electoral Process

Elections were held every 6 months for the 11 seats of parliament, with voting days usually placed on the 5th of an electoral months. Parliament elections were held in two stages, the seat elections, and then the prime minister elections.

Seats of Parliament

There were 5 seats for counties in Vätersflachland and 5 seats for counties in Falletree, and then a singular non-county seat.

Falletree Seats

Seat Seat-occupant Party
New Havre Hunt Powell   Eastern Unity Front
Yaak Jaime P. III   Wohlstander Republican Party
Bosche Vacant   Vacant seat
New Forsyth Isaac J. White   Independent
Big Coulee Vacant   Vacant seat

Vätersflachland Seats

Seat Seat-occupant Party
Shawsburg Connor Shaw   Wohlstander National Party
Etzier Vacant   Vacant seat
Bullsden Vacant   Vacant seat
Alberts Vacant   Vacant seat
Kathslick Vacant   Vacant seat

Non-county seat

Seat-occupant Party
Jacob Vancapelle   Independent