Parliamentary Republic of Zenith

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Parliamentary Republic of Zenith
Repubblica Parlamentare di Zenith
Coat of arms
Motto: United, Free, Peaceful
Anthem: Brands du Roi René ou du Bouquet
Brands du Roi René ou du Bouquet
File:Northern Italy
Largest cityNew Esperia
Official languagesItalian English Klingon
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
• President
John I
• Prime Minister
Establishment15 October 2022
• 2022 census
Time zoneCET

Zenith or the Parliamentary Republic of Zenith is a self declared state located in Northern Italy.

This Is the link about our Constitution


In astronomy, Zenith is the imaginary point of the intersection between the vertical line passing through the observer and the celestial sphere; it indicates the highest point, the maximum position. The word comes from the Arabic word samt, that is, 'street, road, direction', Latinized with fantasy by some medieval copyist in sanit and zenit. Various other names were proposed and voted on as well: Zenith, Pathos, Extus and Entropy. The vote led to the choice of the name "Zenith" with 6 votes out of 7. (1 vote went to Entropy)

After choosing the name, various flags were drawn and the official flag was created, with the star/symbol of Zenith.

This name was chosen because Zenith aspires to an ideal, a goal to achieve, the zenith: The nation believes in a better world, with more unity among people, more acceptance of the diversity of everyone, more freedom and true democracy, more peace and collaboration


In the summer of 2022, future President John told friends about his great interest in micronations, supported by Bismarck. In particular, friends were impressed by the site and history of the micronation Obscurium and decided to deepen, speaking via discord with President Zar Antonov, who explained much information about his micronation and how to create one. The President sent a package containing gadgets of Obscurium and a book with tips for founding a micronation. So the idea became reality on October 15, 2022, when the essential elements of the Parliamentary Republic of Zenith were chosen.

The main territory of Zenith is an apartment located in the city center of Cuneo. Meetings, important votes and ceremonies take place here.

The initial citizens were few, but in a few weeks, the group expanded and the Ministries were distributed, according to the abilities and desires of each. Those who wish can apply for citizenship, sending the appropriate form that is on the site. Applicants will be subjected to a test that ascertains the reading and understanding of some main aspects of Zenith. Citizens will then receive a certificate of citizenship. Each citizen is also sent the form "Proposals for Zenith", to listen to the ideas of all and, if voted by majority, put them into practice. Contact US at the mail

Contacts were made with various micronations; the answer came mainly from the Principality of Duckionary and, of course, from Obscurium, whose President, Zar Antonov, became an honorary citizen.

Zenith and Obscurium signed a Treaty of collaboration.

In January 2023, contacts were also made with Micronazione il Bardo, in Mondovì, a few kilometers from Zenith, with the aim of collaborating in the fight for a better environment and getting to know each other in person in the spring.

In March/April 2023 Zenith establishes friendly relationship with Pibocib, with a Treatly of collaboration that Is going to be signed.

Website official March 2023 :

From the 18th to the 22nd of August 2023, President Zar Antonov of Obscurium visited Zentih, marking the first ever state visit to the Parliamentary Republic.

National Symbols

National Anthem

The national anthem of Zenith is the song "Brands du Roi René ou du Bouquet". This hymn was born at the end of 1400, in Provence. Zenith is located in an area linked to the Provençal-Occitan culture and therefore wish to remember its our local traditions. King René loved and protected the arts and the presence of many musical instruments (organ, bagpipes, flute, drum...) in the melody should be noted. T idea of an anthem that is based on the union of the sounds of various different instruments was well liked due to the Zenithian's believe in the Union (solidarity and mutual respect) and in the value of diversity.

National Animal

The national animal of Zenith is a falcon, named "Rigel". The falcon was chosen because in the territory of Zenith very frequently one can see hawks, of various species: peregrine falcon, woodpecker... protected in the Parks of the area. In addition, the hawk flies high, so fast (it is the fastest bird on Earth) and has a wingspan of about a meter: these details recall Zenith's desire to aspire to great ideals, for which to fight and fly decisively over daily difficulties, and to be open to diversity, considered a wealth. The falcon is also featured on Zenith's flag.

National Mascot


Zenith possesses a national mascot, a cat named "Zenny". The cat was chosen because it is a clever animal, capable of fidelity, but also very attached to its freedom: freedom is part of Zenith's motto. The domestic cat loves its home, as the Zenithians are linked to their homeland, in which to find themselves, in a quiet and welcoming way. The domestic cat plays with vivacity and in Zenith we often meet to challenge each other to board games, especially historical, or creative, such as "Dungeons and Dragons". The domestic cat gives a lot of affection and the Zenithians give a lot of value to friendship, mutual help and collaboration.


Political Form

Three political forms were voted and the results were as follows:

Dictatorship : 0 votes Monarchy: 2 votes Republic: 3 votes

A total of 5 people voted.

Political Parties

So far, Zenith only has one political party: the Social Democratic Party of Biodiversity. According to its program, the party is based on equality of people and respect for the environment.

Sports and Hobbies

In summer, Zenithians meet in the national pool, to relax in refreshing baths and to come up with new ideas for Zenith or challenge themselves to strategy games. The national sport, Taekwon-do, was added on the proposal of the citizen Prior, master of this discipline, which aims to show and teach the Zenithians.

Furthermore, games such as strategy games, especially based on mutual collaboration, as "Pandemic", "Black orchestra", "The game" or historical and war reconstructions, such as "Risiko", "Quartermaster General WW2", are often played. Zenithians also frquently gather for "Dungeons and Dragons" campaigns.