Patuxent, Polaria

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Township of Patuxent
Country Federated States
State Polaria
Borough Patuxent
Founded 12009

Government Mayor-council, socialist commune
Mayor TBD

– Total TBC

Elevation TBC

– Citizens TBC
– Residence TBC
– Potential TBC
– Density TBC

Time zone Quincy Time Zone (UTC-4)

Patuxent is a proposed city and township for the State of Polaria and the Federated States of Antarctica. The proposed city will be built on all the exposed rock of the Patuxent Range, and be made up of a central city and several suburban areas. The proposed city is currently the location which FARO is considering building a radio telescope as part of Project Vulcan.

Geographic Isolation

Patuxent is somewhat isolated from the main enclave of territory surrounding Hillary and will therefore economically align itself with Ellsworth. This arrangement is geographically unique in the Federated States.

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