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Seal of the Chancellor of Arlberg
Other namesMagusoftusa
Years active2003–2006

Perry (rarely Magusoftusa;[1] fl.2003–2006)[a] — sometimes known as Perry of Arlberg — is an American, seemingly retried micronationalist who was the founder and ruler of the United Republic of Arlberg, as well as its predecessor governments, from 2003 to 12 May 2006, upon Arlberg's dissolution. Although Perry's identity is unknown, he was immensely active on MicroWiki and proved influential in the early history of the MicroWiki community, dominating the wiki between c. 18 September 2005–c. 12 May 2006.[2]

Early history of Arlberg

Flag of the United Republic of Arlberg

Perry first established Arlberg as the Socialist Republic of Arlberg in 2003[3] in order to "escape the overwhelming stupidity of the human race" and served as its President. However, according to Perry, Arlberg had little success until the Fourth Code, an early constitution, went into effect on 14 February 2005. Perry later removed the code from law on 22 May and a new provisional constitution went into effect, with a new constitution being officially adopted on 19 October, reforming Arlberg into a kingdom. The new constitution, among other changes, changed the title of the the head of government to Chancellor, who would be democratically elected in a yearly election.[4] From there on, Perry served as Chancellor of Arlberg.[5]

Tar Valon crisis and the dissolution of Arlberg

On 22 November 2005, Perry was petitioned by Shinnihon Emperor Harvie to create a new state in response to what he believed was gerrymandering by Georgia Emperor Fogg, alleging that Fogg had offered Shinnihon citizens land in Georgia so they would move to his state. Harvie, along with Shinnihon citizen Stryker, moved to force Fogg to recognize the land as an independent state called Tar Valon. Fogg resisted and Perry ordered that a congressional inquiry panel be organized for 27 November. However, it was found that the Emperor of Georgia had, in fact, given away a large portion of Shinnihon land and claimed it was his own. On 23 November, Perry issued an order that nullified his land deal, declaring the state invalid.[6] NERV, Arlberg's national security agency, took control of Tar Valon between 23 November to 19 January 2006, when it was transferred back to the state of Georgia.

Tensions following the Tar Valon crisis continuously strained relations between the states of Georgia and Shinnihon. This eventually resulted in the dissolution of Arlberg, and the Johnsburg Confederation was established as its successor.


Perry joined MicroWiki on 18 September 2005, and immediately began publishing several articles on Arlberg.[7] As MicroWiki had been in a state of dormancy, Perry became one of the de facto primary editors of the wiki. Perry stopped editing the wiki after Arlberg's dissolution on 12 May 2006.[8]

Identity and character

According to Arlberg census records, Perry was American caucasian.[5] Perry self-described the citizens of Arlberg as "hardworking and rugged most of the time, although they enjoyed parties, dancing, and relaxation", a description that might describe him.[9] Zabëlle Skye has argued that Perry may be a pseudonym, as, according to him, the names of other Arlberg citizens, such as Fogg, Stryker and Amothos, would be unusual for either first or last names, suggesting they might be pseudonyms. Skye furthered suggested that Perry could be the son of John II of Arlberg (1953–18 April 2006) and his wife Robyn, claiming to have based it on circumstantial evidence.[9]


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