Petya d'Égtavie

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Petya d'Égtavie (also known by the username Demontux) is a retired micronationalist who served as President of the Republic and later Federation of Egtavia between 29 June 2009 and 12 April 2012; d'Égtavie is best known for being the first owner of MicroWiki between its migration from Wikia on 14 November 2010 until 13 May 2014.


Petya d'Égtavie was previously involved in what she herself termed a "psuedo-micronation" known as Fleece Country that was established prior to April 2004. Afterwards, a "half-hearted attempt at creating a micronation was made several weeks prior to the founding of Egtavia, but it came to nothing." On 29 June 2009, d'Égtavie, a non-interventionist and anti-war left-wing micronationalist, established the Principality of Egtavia—erroneously so-called as it was run by herself as a dictatorship, with her using the role of President. She had become inspired to create a micronation upon her viewing of the 2005 BBC comedy documentary series How to Start Your Own Country. Several acts were passed in the succeeding months, including the Egtavian Anti-War Act, which established the precedent of neutrality in foreign affairs, and non-involvement in any wars unless there was "an actual threat of attack." By 22 November, Egtavia was renamed from the Principality of Egtavia to the Republic of Egtavia.