Policy of Peaceful Existence

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The Policy of Peaceful Existence, also known as Mejakhanskism, is the most important of the founding principles of the Nemkhav Federation. Composed by President Marka Mejakhansk in 2009, the policy is a set of directives which outlines the way in which a micronation can exist in a peaceful manner, conducting its foreign relations and domestic affairs in a fair fashion.


The long-time Nemkhav leader composed the Policy during his early entrance to the community with Nemkhavia. Well aware of the importance placed on war and general conflict in both the macro and micronational fields, he sought to create a common set of ideals which could be followed in order to foster a different kind of society. It was continually developed from the nations experiences in different situations, coming to the modern form.

Basic Directives

These are the basic directives followed by the Nemkhav Federation under this Policy.

Foreign Affairs

  • Always maintain a neutral position in foreign affairs as much as possible.
  • Always try to ensure that War is never seen as a viable option in any situation.
  • Always mediate both sides of a dispute, even if you do not agree with any particular side.
  • Always maintain polite conduct in international affairs, treating leaders with the respect they deserve.
  • Always keep your composure in diplomatic disputes.

Internal Affairs

  • Always ensure that the rights of your people are maintained and never ignored.
  • Never use your police or armed forces against your own people.
  • Always treat your people with kindness and respect.
  • Always respect the outcome of every election, even if it does not go in your favour.
  • Never impose your will on your people - ask for their consent.
  • Always listen to the complaints of your people, give them time to have their say.

Nations using the Policy

Parties using the Policy