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Flag Coat of arms
Location of Arkazja within Europe 

Arkazja, officially the Republic of Arkazja, is a country in Central and Eastern Europe. It borders Dzialka Union to the south and Poland to all other sides. Arpolis is the nation's capital and largest metropolis

Arkazja includes 4 provinces, covers an area of 8,78 square kilometres (3,39 sq mi) and has a temperate transitional climate. The longest Arkazjan river is Mikulczyce Stream. Arkazja is an authoritarian multi-party semi-presidential republic, with its unicameral legislature - Arkazjan Senate.

It is a state whose history began along with the Declaration of Independence on 5 February 2022, when Arkazja declared independence from Poland. Republic of Arkazja was founded on the ruins of the Kopernikan People's Republic, with goal to create politically stable and professional state. 19 April 2022 Arkazja adopted the first constitution. A lifetime president is Natt Falkenhausen.

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Defendants escorted to the courtroom
Defendants escorted to the courtroom

The Trial of Kijciwpempek monarchists (polish: Proces monarchistów Kijciwpempka), also known as the Arpolis Trial 2023 and the Trial of the Three was a political trial in the Republic of Arkazja that charged members of the Kijciwpempek Friends Party with harming the state and sabotaging the Arkazjan Senate. The Trial of the Three took place in August 2023. (Full article...)

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