Premier of the Imperial Republic of Nemkhavia

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Premier of the Imperial Republic
Guardian of the Constitution
Office of the Premier
Style His Excellency
Office Holder Marka Mejakhansk
Term in Office Four Years
Political Party Nemkhav People's Party
Residence Imperial Palace, Astor Impora
Inaugural Holder Marka Mejakhansk

The Office of the Premier was the second highest elected office in the now-defunct Imperial Republic of Nemkhavia. The Premier was the Head of Government, responsible for the day to day running of the Republic. The only holder of this office was Marka Mejakhansk.


The Premier was elected by the people, through their representatives in the Imperial Senate. The election of a Premier happen after the election of the Emperor/Empress, within thirty days. For a person to be elected to this position, he/she had to be nominated by the Emperor/Empress and then voted in by a majority vote in the Imperial Senate. The Premier was elected for a four year term, and there is no limit to how many terms a person may serve.

Powers and Titles

The Premier was the Head of Government, and as such commands quite extensive executive power. This power was kept in check by the Senate at all times, and the Premier was obliged consult the Senate for it's approval before carrying out any major actions.


When and if the Imperial People's Defence Forces are called up in a time of national eme

Marka Mejakhansk, the first Premier

rgency, the Premier was automatically assigned the additional title of Commander-in-Chief of the Nemkhav Defence Forces. This essentially put him/her in command of the Armed Forces, either directly or through the General Staff.

Guardian of the Constitution

This title was automatically appointed to the person holding the Office of the Premier. It is in recognition of the Premier's duty to protect the law and constitution of the Imperial Republic. It shows that the leader of the nation is bound to the constitution, and it to him/her.