President of Oranmore

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President of the Oranmore Autonomous Region
Flag of Oranmore
Regional Executive of Oranmore
StyleThe Most Honourable
TypeRegional Head of Government
Member ofRegional Council
Regional Executive
College of Governors
Reports toRegional Council
NominatorSelf or party
AppointerDirect election
Term lengthSix months, renewable
Constituting instrumentRegion of Oranmore Statute Act 2022 [1]
Formation11 June 2022; 1 year, 176 days ago
First holderJan Kotoński

The President of the Oranmore Autonomous Region was the head of the Regional Executive of Oranmore, effectively the region's chief executive and leader. The President was elected directly by citizens of the Autonomous Region, for a term of six months. He was responsible day to day for the governing of the region and its representative ex officio in the College of Governors. The position was created after devolution was given to the region of Oranmore, after Jan Kotoński, a resident of the region, expressed interest in such an idea.


The office of President of Oranmore was established on 11 June 2022 by an act of the National Assembly creating autonomy for the Region of Oranmore. The office was originally designated as the Premier of the Oranmore Autonomous Region before being upgraded to the office of President in late July of 2022.

The office was abolished upon the transition to the Province of Oranmore.

Responsibility and power

The President was the designated regional head of government, and as such wasinvested with executive power within the autonomous region to maintain its stability and security. Alongside the Regional Council, the President was responsible for regional law enforcement and for the creation but not dissolution of trade unions in Oranmore.

List of officeholders

Name Portrait Term of office Political party

(color denotes faction)

1 Jan Kotoński 11 June 2022 13 February 2023 247 days Alliance for Freedom