Presidential Award of Excellence

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Presidential Award of Excellence
The Presidential Award of Excellence ribbon as seen in the 2022 issue of the medal.
Awarded by the President of the Republic of Sukhoyezhino
TypePresidential Award
Established27 September 2022
CountryRepublic of Sukhoyezhino
Religious affiliationBlessed by the Most Holy Orthodox Church of Sukhoyezhino.
Motto"Сльожётьа Сухоежино!" (Sukhoye), "To serve Sukhoyezhino!" (English)
EligibilityCitizens of the Republic of Sukhoyezhino.
CriteriaAwarded for devoted and long service to a specific field.
StatusNo longer awarded.
FounderPresident Bezborodov Korney Teryovich OSF ODS PAE
First induction27 September 2022
Last induction27 September 2022
Total inductees1
Next (higher)Member of the Order of Sukhoyan Benevolence
Next (lower)Lowest in the order of precedence.