Prime Minister of Albia

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Prime Minister of Albia
Standard of the Prime Minister
Prime Minister's Office
StyleThe Right Honourable (formal)
Mr Prime Minister (informal)
His/Her Excellency (diplomatic)
Member ofHouse of Assembly
Reports toCabinet of Albia
NominatorHouse of Assembly
AppointerMonarch of Albia
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Albia
Formation12 June 2022
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister of Albia

The Prime Minister of Albia is the head of government in the Kingdom of Albia. The prime minister advises the sovereign on the exercise of much of their powers, chairs the Cabinet and nominates MPs to become ministers. As modern prime ministers hold office by virtue of their ability to command the confidence of the House of Assembly, they sit as a member of Parliament.


The office of Prime Minister was created on 12 June 2022 and is the oldest cabinet office within Albia.

Authority and Constraints

In the House of Assembly, the prime minister guides the law-making process with the goal of enacting the legislative agenda of their political party. In an executive capacity, the prime minister nominates, and may dismiss all cabinet members and ministers as well as co-ordinating the policies all government departments, and the staff of the Civil Service. The prime minister also acts as the public "face" and "voice" of His Majesty's Government of Albia, both at home and abroad and may undertake some diplomatic missions on behalf of and with the confidence of the monarch.


The Prime Minister is nominated by members of the House of Assembly after an election. Typically the person nominated are a member or the leader of the party or coalition forming the Government after the election.

Based upon the nomination the Monarch then appoints someone as Prime Minister. The monarch may appoint any individual they wish but typically appoints the nominee to keep the appointment of the Prime Minister democratic and fair.

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