Prime Minister of Raphania

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Prime Minister of the
Colony of Raphania
Arms of Raphania
M. Ibrahim

since 5 September 2023
Term lengthAt His Sultanic Highness' pleasure
Inaugural holderTony of Garretsburg
Formation12 April 2022

The Royal Prime Minister of Raphania is an appointed official who serves as head of government within the Westarctican Colony of Raphania. The office was first created when Raphania was an independent emirate. following its annexation into Westarctica, the post was dissolved, only to be reformed in late 2023 when Sir Charles Ross, the Viceroy of Raphania offered notable Raphanian businessman M. Ibrahim the oppertunity to head a newly created civilian regime. Upon his acceptance of the offer, the Prime Ministership was reinstated.


The primary responsibility of the Prime Minister of Raphania is to serve as creative assistant to the monarchy. In this capacity, the Prime Minister is tasked with helping to drum up new legislation and community projects for the colony. The Prime Minister is also tasked with forming a cabinet of likeminded ministers to assist in the governance of Raphania.

The Prime Minister serves as a check on the power of the monarchy with him having the ability to challenge decisions made by the Sultan or Viceroy if such actions go against the pre-existing laws of the nation.


While not holding executive power, the Prime Minister has the ability to hire/dismiss government ministers, represent the colony diplomatically, appoint nominations for national awards, nominate ambassadors, issue government documents and create legislature. These nominees/bills are then granted royal assent by the Viceroy of Raphania and subsequently ratified.

In addition, during times of duress, disability or emergency, the Viceroy of Raphania may empower the Prime Minister with some or all executive authority held by the Vicory for a period of time, the specifics of which are on a case-by-case basis.

List of Prime Ministers

Image Name In office
M. Ibrahim 5 September 2023 - Incumbent
Tony of Garretsburg 12 April 2022 - 14 November 2022

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