Prime Minister of Revalia

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Prime Minister of Revalia
Flag of Revalia.svg
Standard of the Prime Minister
Paul Koff

since 25 June 2021
HM Royal Revalian Government
Member of
Reports toHM Revalian Royal Parliament
AppointerKing of Revalia
Term length1 year
The holder is required to have the support of a majority in the Parliament
Formation19 September 2020
First holderSander Koff
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister of Revalia

The Prime Minister of the Revalian Kingdom is the office of the head of government of the Revalian Kingdom. They lead the Cabinet of Ministers, the central government body, and is accountable to the King and the Parliament. The Prime Minister is nominated by the King and confirmed by the Parliament, which is the unicameral legislative body in Revalia. Once the Prime Minister is appointed, they form a cabinet of ministers, which consists of 2 Deputy Prime Ministers, Senior Ministers and Cabinet Ministers.



After the Revalian Kingdom was declared an independent, the Provisional Government was formed by Sander Koff who was at the same time Regent and head of state of the country. After the first elections in October, the Provisional Government became the Official Government, without the members changing.

The Reign of Sander I

On 27 April 2021 Sander Koff announced his resignation as the Prime Minister and became the King of Revalia as Sander I. The cabinet very quickly decided that the senior one of the Deputy Prime Ministers, Paul Koff, shall become the caretaker Prime Minister until the next elections.

2021 General Elections

The 2021 General Elections were held on the 22nd June 2021. Monarchist Party won the elections with 6 seats. Paul Koff became the Prime Minister, and the Paul Koff ministry was formed on the 25th June 2021.

List of prime ministers of the Revalian Kingdom

No. Prime Minister Term of office Political party Elected Ministry Head of state
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Sander Koff
19 September
27 April
220 days Monarchist Party 2020 Sander Koff Regent
Sander Koff
2 Paul Koff
25 June
Incumbent 1 year, 344 days Monarchist Party 2021 Paul Koff King
Sander I