Quo Times

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Quo Times
Current homepage, April 2018
FormatOnline blog
Owner(s)Galaxy Media, Inc.
Founder(s)Nicholas Kaos
EditorNicholas Kaos
Founded11 July 2016
Political alignmentLeft
HeadquartersNetuk, Pacem (Intl & PAC)
Pacem, Tusmore (ABL)
Theolonia, Atovia (ATO)
Circulation9 avg. views per day

The Quo Times, sometimes referred to as the Quo and formerly as the Pacemian Times, is a micronational news site and media company founded and operated by Nicholas Kaos as a successor to the Pacemian News Service. From 11 July 2016 to 18 January 2020 the Quo Times was an independent company but was acquired by media conglomerate Galaxy Media. The current head executive of the company is Nicholas Kaos, who is the current Editor-in-Chief.


The word 'quo' comes from a Klingon word meaning 'world', as Nicholas Kaos founded the Quo with the intent to publish information on international news.


The Quo was founded on 11 July 2016 and was founded as a successor to the MicroWiki Forum-based Pacemian News thread and the WordPress-based Pacemian Times. The Quo originally began as a solely intermicronational newspaper, however, has occasionally made articles pertaining to macronational politics, economics, as well as science and pop culture since its original creation

Corporate History

The Quo Times originally began as its own private company until the formation of Galaxy Media, Inc. on 18 January 2020 as a consolidation of all of Nicholas Kaos' media outlets. The Quo later began branching into nations specifically, with branches officially established in Pacem and Abelden, as well as operating in Atovia. Much of its academic focuses have shifted to the Pyxis Report, a news source under the Pyxis Corporation also owned by Nicholas Kaos.