Racusa SI

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Racusa SI
Studio Album by Scott Harwood
Released17 November 2015
Recorded5 October 2015, Calais, France
16/17 November 2015, The Bedroom
GenreDub Techno
Length44:48 (YouTube)
39:23 (SoundCloud)
ProducerScott Harwood
Previous albumBabylon on the Streets of Pirnmill (2015)
This albumRacusa SI (2015)
Next albumWaterfall of Heat (2015)

Racusa SI is the twenty-fifth album created by Scott Harwood. The album is distributed on the Shedpop label on SoundCloud and YouTube.


The album was mostly recorded during November 2015 in The Bedroom, with parts recorded during October 2015 in Calais, France.

The album is presumed to be the first to be made using iMaschine 2.


Nothing is Lost Forever is a dub techno album. It is regarded as one of Harwood's most structured works to date.

Track listing

All tracks were written and produced by Scott Harwood.

  1. "Racusa SI" (07:49)
  2. "Transportation to the Dreams of the Unaffected" (06:27) (04:50 on SoundCloud release)
  3. "If Frank Zappa Can Be A One-Man Industry, Then So Can I" (07:35) (03:46 on SoundCloud release)
  4. "Calais 04:20" (10:30)
  5. "Early Morning in the Mind of the Shaman" (12:25)


  • Native Instruments iMaschine2
  • Native Instruments iMaschine


  • Racusa SI, when expanded to 'Rach Thusa, Stàit Ioslamach' and translated from Scottish Gaelic to English, means 'F**k Off, Islamic State'.