Rayhan Ahmad Hidayat

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His Excellency
Comradsiyy Rayhan Ahmad Hidayat

  2nd Minister of Education of
Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Assumed office:

August 5, 2010

Preceded by: Razaq Agung Wijasena
Succeeded by: Namaskara Bagus
Personal information
Born: 13 November 1998 (1998-11-13) (age 24)
Macronationality: Indonesian
Micronationality Los Bay Petrosian
Residence Jakarta
Religion Islam
Political Party Civil's Welfare Party
LBPAF Rank Colonel

Rayhan Ahmad Hidayat (Born November 1998) is the third Minister of Education in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. He is the one of two youngest cabinet member (Alongside with Senopati Sri.K). Raihan is also the only left-handed citizen in Los Bay Petros.

Rayhan Ahmad Hidayat is the one of the most influental minister in Los Bay Petros, after his statement that the education for Los Bay Petrosian is free-for-all. Rayhan also has been donated money for $150 for the Los Bay Petrosian education.


  • Minister of Education Affairs (LBP)


Rayhan's LBPAF Rank is colonel in the Ground Forces. He was inaugurated as colonel by Faris Ramadhan.

Awards and decorations

Preceded by: Minister of Education of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros Succeded by:
Razaq Agung. W August 2010 - Incumbent Namaskara Bagus