Republic of Awesome

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The Fantastic People's Republic of Awesome
Flag of Republic of Awesome
Motto: We are the Proudly Ridiculous
Anthem: We Will Rock You
CapitalCapital City, Awesome New Prussia
Official languagesAussie English
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
• Dictator
• Census

The Republic of Awesome was formed on August 22, 2010. The old motto was: If it's fun, it's legal! Unless it impacts on someone else's right to do likewise, in which case it is not legal. However, in the wake of a certain magazine article, the government have changed it. Now, in 2012 we have many districts in many different places. Mostly we all annexed our backyards. Our dedicated wiki can be foun here: The wiki is under construction as of current times as our nation is still developing.


The Republic of Awesome was formed on August 22, 2010, as the founders were of the belief that the leaders of Australia (the macronation they were part of) aren't doing enough to help the planet. It has around 30 citizens (as of 2010); however, a 2012 census will likely cause the figure to change.


The Republic of Awesome is a democratic republic. In order for legislation to pass, it must be approved by a majority of ministers. Each minister has a sector they are in charge of, with sectors including health, education, environmental protection, finance, biro pens, pyromaniacs, technology, pyro-technology, defence, Cloud Appreciation, protection of the Hemashema, lunatics, infrastructure, arts, gaming and Everything Else.


Unlike Australia, in the The Republic of Awesome pyrotechnics (fireworks) are legal. As for lawmaking, 51% of present ministers at a meeting must agree then do a high five (as tradition dictates).

Law enforcement

The Republic of Awesome has two types of police; the Federal Police Force and the Fun Police. The Fun Police deal strictly with infringements of the motto (If it's fun, it's legal! Unless it impacts on someone else's right to do likewise, in which case it is not legal.). For example, while it is legal to use pyrotechnics, using them early in the morning to annoy someone would be an issue for the Fun Police.


The denominations of the currency of the Republic of Awesome are the Nano, the Dollar and the Tera, where 100 Nanos is the equivalent of 1 Dollar and 100 Dollars is equivalent to 1 Tera.


There is no set religion and the culture is said to be multicultural. The national dish is the Banana Split, the national drink is the Ice Cream Spider and the national animal is the Rosella bird.

Public Holidays

The Republic of Awesome has many Public Holidays' including:

  • Independence Day (August 22)
  • Explosion Appreciation Day (January 3)
  • Let's have a public holiday because we feel like one Day (dates vary)
  • Helium Balloon day (2nd weekend in October)
  • Paper Flower day (September 15)
  • March 0 (There is no February 29th in RoA)
  • Pie appreciation day (September 8)

For a full list see our wiki.

Sacred Animal

Citizens respect and worship a very special animal called the Hemashema (hee-maa-shee-maa). They have a very special minister for the protection of the Hemashema.

Awards and Honours

The Republic of Awesome has several awards and honours, including the Bravery Medal which is awarded to those who show bravery on the battlefield, the Medal of Awesomeness which is awarded to citizens who are truly awesome members of society and the President's Excellency Award which is awarded to exceptional members of society.

Diplomatic Relations

The Republic of Awesome is currently in Diplomatic Relations with the following countries:

It hopes to have diplomatic relations with more countries in the coming future.


The Republic of Awesome's military currently consists of 4 people, and is planning to buy 2 RC helicopters for aerial surveillance missions. All army officers not currently fighting automatically become police officers. The military is mainly controlled by the Minister of Defence who gives orders to the General. There are set levels of caution ranging from no threat to apocalypse and there are codes for each which cannot be ordered unless absolutely necessary. The First General resigned due to issues with upper staff and he also thought that the job wasn't suited to him. The issue was quickly resolved and everyone is happy. The insignia of the military includes katanas because our minister for Defence said so.


The RABC (Republic of Awesome Broadcasting Company) is the major broadcasting company that owns a newspaper (the Awesome Times) and a short range radio station (mostly through multiple walkie-talkies).