People’s Democratic Republic of Clivestan

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The People’s Democratic Republic of Clivestan

State Flag

Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Justice, Travail, Peace
Anthem: Garaşsyz, Bitarap Clivestan Döwlet
Official languagesTurkmen, Tajik, O'zbek
GovernmentUnitary dominant-party presidential republic under a totalitarian dictatorship
• President
Matthew McShane
• Premier
Benjamin McShane
House of McShane
House of Clive
Establishment1st of August 2021
• Census
Time zoneGMT+11
Foreign Ministry website

The People’s Democratic Republic of Clivestan is a newly formed micronation from the collapsed former Republic of Cliveland. The former micronation of Cliveland suffered a civil war and lead the nation to collapse from Fascist rule and change to Democracy. This nation is not to be confused with Cliveland. The nation states it believes in the rights of all as well as peace and unity throughout the nation and the micronational community.

Not to be confused with "Dictatorship of Clivesland".

Background Information

The Republic of Clivestan is a newly made Republic, started in August 2021. The leader is Matthew McShane, with the title of Arkadag and President. The micronation shares a similarity with the country Turkmenistan with its laws as well as government.


The Republic is looking for different Ministers and Commanders of the Armed Forces and other Departments. The group is also based online and majority of the communication is online. According to media, applications for roles will be released shortly and emails must be put in along with age.

The Republic is based in a small block of land in the Region of Melbourne, however declared independent on the 1st of August.

Some trees at the border of Clivestan and Australia (State of Victoria)

The nation also has an Armed Forces which requires mandatory service from age 18-50.

Citizenship and Rank request applications can be found here as well as on our constitution.

The DPR Clivestan is looking for honorary consuls to represent us as well as embassies. If you want us to have a consulate or embassy here, visit the website. Foreign relations



United States of America


West River

Republic of Korea (S. Korea)



All UN member states except the USA and S. Korea







DPR Korea (N. Korea)



Burkina Faso

The Sudan

The Gambia





I.R Afghanistan (Not Islamic Emirate)





Equatorial Guinea






Democratic Republic of the Congo

Sao Tomè and Principè

Timor-LestePolitics and Constitution


It has been found to be extremely hard to contact people in the People’s Democratic Republic of Clivestan as most forms of social media are banned. Turkmen media, Tajik, Chinese and Russian media are permitted but closely monitored.

Due to the lack of websites and emails and no social media, it is incredibly hard to contact the government, including crucial ministries and foreign affairs. This can be hard to creat good relations


Clivestan has many different political Ministries and a constitution. The state-ran media has claimed that the Anthem and Motto are now being created.

Ministers and Chairman: Matthew McShane

- Premier Benjamin McShane

- Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs - Benjamin McShane

- Minister of Order and police Massimo Savino

- Minister of Defense Daniel Savino - Minister of Agriculture

These are Chairmen and there are other members of the Republic NOT stated.

Citizenship application and government minister/official applications

To apply for a citizenship, please follow the link which will be uploaded shortly.

Citizenship requests will need to be filled in correctly and will need proper responses. You'll receive an email if you're accepted.

To apply for a ministerial position, you don't need to live here. You can be a remote minister from anywhere (consulate)

To apply, follow the link which will be uploaded shortly.

Once applied wait 72 hours for an email of acceptance or decline.

Link for citizenship:

Link for Government applications:

Coronavirus Pandemic

The People’s Democratic Republic of Clivestan has been acknowledging the risk of the Coronavirus Pandemic, they have not however claimed any cases of the virus in their borders. The government has released test results of all those tested. All have been proven negative. The borders reopened for Clivestan in September 2021, however were shut at the rise in cases. Restrictions have tightened more as the new variant dominates Australia.

The PDR Clivestan has mandated the vaccine for all citizens aged 6 and older. It is been said that people have been removed from offices for opposing the policy. It is also reportedly said that there is a vote that could take place to mandate all vaccines.

The Nation has no Coronavirus and is currently tightening borders.

Civil War of Cliveland

There has been three civil wars in the former Fascist Cliveland. These all broke out as members of the nation wanted to be free from fascist rule and be a democratic nation. This was a success once however fascist rule shortly after. The nation collapsed on the 31st of July and was remade making Matthew McShane the 1st President of the new epublic of Clivestan.

Current Standings

The Republic of Clivestan is currently "standing well", according the the president. He says that he is creating a Crisis Committee consisting of selected Ministers. McShane says that he is looking for a Minister of Health as well as a Chief Health Officer.

There has been no recorded cases of COVID-19 in Clivestan (All tests have been conducted in Australia).

The state has seen protests which are strictly illegal. The Minister of Internal Affairs stated that Cliveish authorities will not hesitate to harrass, detain and banish any citizens protesting.

Clivestan has put in place travel rules and restrictions for entry and exit from the micronation.

Ministry of Media Press Release image. Comes on screen before news broadcast.

Some of these rules are:

Must isolate (In Australia) for 14 days before entering the nation.

Apply for an entry permit

Apply for exit permit

Allies and Foreign Affairs

The nation is also looking for allies to create strong partnerships. A link will be posted soon.

Allied micronations will have the chance to become non-active politicians and ministers.