Republic of Ireboke

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The Repubic of Irebroke is a micronation located in San Diego. The nation consists of 30+ citizens and a government of 12 board members. They declared independence on San Diego on 12 December 2019 which is considered Irebroken Independence Day.

The Republic Of Irebroke
The Official Flag of the Republic Of Irebroke, since December 14th, 2019.
Anthem: Brave The Harsh Winter
Largest cityJett
Official languagesEnglish (official), French(official), Chinese(official), Spanish(secondary)
GovernmentConstitutional Democracy
• President
President Joven
• Vice President
Vice President Jones
EstablishmentDecember, 2019
• Declaration of Independence
December 12th, 2019
• Estimate
CurrencyUSD, Rouble
Time zonePST


Senate Of Irebroke.png

The government of Irebroke is consisted of 12 board members from 2 different parties. The Kerr Party and the Jones Party are the 2 leading parties in the senate. They The Constitution of Irebroke vests executive authority in a government which is headed by the Kerr and Jones Party, the head of government. The government is composed of government ministers, all of whom must be members of the Irebroken parliament. The Parties must be nominated and approved by the Minister, the lower house of the Broekins, the Irebroken legislature. Following the nomination of the Broek, the President of Irebroke appoints the Broekens to his role. The President also appoints members of the government, including the Admins, the deputy head of government, on nomination of the Broekens.

Cities and Landmarks

Irebroke consists of 5 districts, each with its own major city.

Conflicts And Wars

Irebroke helped out a former ally, the Federal Republic of Gradeni Their rival is an unknown group, who deported migrants from their country to Zyechia. A disputed battle came to a ceasefire on 5/10/19 when they had to go home. The micronation is located in a school in San Diego. They plan to invade the group territory at 11:45 PM PST on 5/14/19. If any allies would like to help, please visit our YouTube channel.

Notable People



The Irebroken National Army or the INA was formed during the colonial times of Irebroke.