Republic of Kizylka

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Republic of Kizylka
Кизылская Республика (Russian)
Кізылскай Республікі (Kizylkan)
Official flag of the Republic of Kizylka
War Ensign of the Republic of Kizylka
Motto: "Бу́дет и на на́шей у́лице пра́здник."
"Our time to triumph will emerge."
Anthem: National Anthem of the Republic of Kizylka
CapitalKrasnogvardeyskoye Capital Territory
Largest cityCapital
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
100% Kizylkans[a]
100% Agnostic
GovernmentAnocratic republic
• President
Stanislaŭ Baraŭkin
LegislatureSupreme Congress of the Republic of Kizylka
Unicameral legislature
Unicameral legislature
Declared independence from the United Kingdom 
(16 May 2023)
• People's Kizylkan Declaration[b] (File:People's Kizylkan Declaration.pdf) signed
17 May 2023
Gini (2023)1
low · 1st
HDI (2023) 0.999
very high · 1st
CurrencyKizylkan Ruble (KZR)
Time zoneGMT
Date formatyyyy-dd-mm (AD)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+44
Internet TLD.kzr

The Republic of Kizylka, more commonly known as Kizylka, was a micronation with territory in both the United Kingdom and Russia. It was established on 16 May 2023 by President Stanislaŭ Baraŭkin as a successor to many of his prior "micronational experiments".

The Kizylkan government was an anocracy, meaning it mixed democratic and authoritarian/totalitarian elements.

Kizylka did not show an interest in establishing diplomatic relations with the wider micronational world; with this, they were considered isolationist and further militarist.


Kizylka comes from an old Russian town name (Кызылка/Kyzylka).

Politics and government

The governmental system of Kizylka is an anocratic republic, with the President serving as dictator, but the legislation and its Speaker are elected by the people. The voting system used is proportional representation, with the party with the highest number of seats appointing their own candidate to the position of Speaker.


The President acts as a dictator, but can be ousted by the Supreme Congress if an 80% or more vote is achieved. If the President refuses, military force is authorised to detain them, and is replaced by either the Speaker of the Supreme Congress or Vice President.

Speaker of the Supreme Congress

The Speaker of the Supreme Congress of the Republic of Kizylka has the power to veto any bill they see fit and are appointed by the party with a majority of seats in the Supreme Congress. This candidate can be dismissed by the President at any time, except during times of war, in which case the approval of at least 50% of the Supreme Congress is required.

Supreme Congress

The Supreme Congress of the Republic of Kizylka is a unicameral legislature. Its legislators are known as Congressmen.

Political parties

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Total Seats
Kizylka First Party KFP Stanislaŭ Baraŭkin Far-right Militarism, isolationism, nationalism, traditionalism
1 / 100

Law and order

The judicial system is, on a national level, the High Court. Smaller state and district courts handle local cases.

The Armed Police Service are the official law enforcement service of Kizylka. Each officer is armed with a sidearm, but further training and approval to train with assault rifles and heavy weaponry can be attained.


The Kizylkan Armed Forces are the military of the Republic of Kizylka. They are split into the following branches:


Here are a list of ministries within the Kizylkan government.

Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is responsible for state defence and managing the armed forces. It was established on 17 May 2023.

Ministry of Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce is responsible for national finances and the treasury. It was established on 17 May 2023.

Ministry of External Affairs

The Ministry of External Affairs manages foreign diplomacy, foreign policy and the nation's embassies. It was established on 18 May 2023.

Ministry of Admission

The Ministry of Admission handles immigration, border control and has direct control over the 2nd Guards Border Regiment of the Kizylkan Ground Forces. It was formed on 16 May 2023, making it the oldest ministry in Kizylka.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Ministry of Internal Affairs manages internal dissent, corruption, espionage, counter-espionage and intelligence/counter-intelligence. It was formed 17 May 2023.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education regulates schools, the curriculum, universities and also administers the Kizylkan language.

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External links

  1. Data collected by the Kizylkan Office of Ethnic Statistics and Demographics on 16–18 May 2023.
  2. The .pdf file can be found at File:People's Kizylkan Declaration.pdf